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Posted on: October 25, 2009

If you read my profile you know I have a thing for fashion, I suppose you could say it’s my passion but then if I say fashion is my passion who really would take me seriously. So lets just say I have a thing for it; anyhow, that brings me to my first of many blogging topics: FASHION…WHO REALLY WEARS THAT?

Have you ever watched an award show or even saw clips of the runway and thought hmm…i think I should wear that, in fact maybe I’ll wear that to the next college football game or maybe out to Olive Garden? Answer is probably not!  You’re probably thinking who really wears that and where do they wear that to? That is the mystery of the fashion world that might never be answered.   Fashion may exist on the runway or in an award show but it mainly exist in what every day people are wearing to everyday occurences.

Fashion tip of the day:  Style on a Budget! A lot of people try to stay within the trends of what the stars are wearing or might just be trying to keep up with the Jones’s; however, lets face it today’s economy isn’t exactly helping.  So, you might ask how can I style on a budget?  Simple. Take 4 highly available stores for example: Target, Wal-Mart,Payless and Gap.  Let’s say you’re wanting a cute outfit for a date or even just to meet up with some old high school friends, get excited because I’m going to solve your problem!

First you need an affordable and classic jean:   GAP has basically any jean style you need with most sizes available. Plus, they have the holy grail of jean sizes LONG and X-LONG TALL!Wahoo!! Price=Avg$60…yes this is more pricey, but remember this is also your main purchase. Second, if you are one of those people who are too embarrassed to shop at Wal-mart or Target for clothes I would love to tell you to suck it up…it’s just another store, but you can shop online as well if you must! At Wal-Mart you should buy a razor back fitted at bottom black tee that runs at  $4.00, you can’t beat it! Third, Target has great short and long sleeve cardigans that are awesome for a fall look to go over the razor back tee, they run around $12.00-$20.00. Last but not least, you need a great boot to complete this fab fall look on a budget.  Payless to the rescue…a great flat boot is what you’ll get and they run at $29.00 which is almost an unreal price when shopping for boots! So there ya have it a whole outfit for around $100.  It might not be made by a high end designer, but then again you can actually wear your clothes off the runway!


1 Response to "Fashion…WHO REALLY WEARS THAT?"

You are so very wise beyond your years! And I’m very proud of you for admitting your addiction to shopping at Wal-mart and Sam’s Club.

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