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Bridal Guide 101

Posted on: October 26, 2009

Bridal fashion can be about as overwhelming as it can get for a newly engaged girl.  Every bride wants to look her personal best on the day of her wedding, but figuring out how to accomplish this mighty task could be daunting.  As for most brides this isn’t a task you take on too often (or let’s at least hope not) so you might need all the help you can get! Of course we would all love to have Vera Wang mold the perfect dress to our body, but then again I’d also like to meet Edward Cullen. So if you’re a bride, one might ask for guidance and help on how to find the perfect dress, and I’m here to give you the skinny as to how to WOW not only your guests, but that man standing at the end of the aisle. 

Tip of the Day:  Don’t freak out, bridal gowns run at larger sizes.

Bridal Guide 101… there are 4 basic styles you need to know, then I will go over which style is best for what body type.

Style 1: Ball Gown-  This is your typical barbie doll dress.  If you want the poof and have dreamed of looking like a princess on your big day this gown is for you! This style of gown looks best on girls with a smaller frame  due to the volume of fabric that is in a ball gown.

Style 2: A-Line- Picture an A (hint A-line) and that’s the shape you will receive. It’s tighter around the bust and stomach and flows down, leaving you with looking similar to an A figure. This type of dress truly can be worn by anyone! It also can help girls who might want to cover up curves or a figure they aren’t satisfied with.  A style like this will leave you looking classy and elegant!

Style 3: Modified A-Line- This type of dress has the same elements of an A-line but instead of  a fit around your bust the Modified A-Line has a lower fit around the hip area. This dress adds a little more curve without suffocating your body!  If A-Line is what you had in mind, I suggest slipping on a Modified A-line and see what you think!

Style 4: Mermaid- Curves, Curves, Curves! The mermaid style is fitted down to your knees then flares from your knees down.  If you want to show off your curves this style of dress is made for you!

These styles are simple to remember and will help you and your bridal consultant leaps and bounds when searching for the perfect dress. So what are you waiting on …. GO SHOP!


2 Responses to "Bridal Guide 101"

Can a modified ‘A’ line hide my bay window tummy? My waist is my worst feature. My bust is great as are my legs but I am apple shaped!!
I like the 50’s style wedding dresses but the calf length wedding dresses don’t somehow look as nice as the full length ones.
any suggestions?

Hey girl! A modified A-line would give you a little more shape around the hip area and would probably accent your waist a little more. However, if you like the shape of the modified A-line there are ways to make your waist look slim without losing a pound!! Ruching and Corsets are two fab ways to give the illusion of a tight tummy! If you are wanting to hide the tummy completely my advice would be an empire waist…this accents your bust without drawing attention to the stomach. If you like the 50’s style dresses, another sugesstion would be trying on a halter mid length dress. With a great bust and legs, the halter will bring attention upward and the mid length will capture your legs leaving noone to care about what’s in between! I hope this helped, and if you have any more questions let me know!

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