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Frumpster to Fabulous!

Posted on: October 27, 2009

Transferring from college life to the real world can often be frustrating when it comes to style.  Going from your alma mater’s sweatpants, a Northface jacket, and Ugg boots to attempting to look like an actual professional in less than four months can be difficult.  Wearing vests that have an A+ with an apple beside it or black business suits that successfully achieve the look that states, “I’m a man” are, let’s face it, NOT OKAY! How can a twenty-something year old women look professional without having to look frumpy or slutty?…hmm…let’s see MULTIPLE WAYS!

3 Ways to Go From Frumpy to Fabulous


Color can be your best friend when styling a suit.  If it’s necessary that your suit be black, then pick a bright color for the blouse.  One piece can change the whole look of a sophisticated suit without over doing it. Also, who says your suit has to be black?!  The options these days are endless and a cream-colored or even brown suit can bring enough flavor to help you stand out in a board room!

Even if color is not an option, there aren’t any objections to material that I’m aware of.  Pair a suit or pencil skirt with a silk cream or white-colored blouse.  This one difference in material will change the look of your outfit dramatically.  A change in shirt such as a ruffled blouse can bring an edge to your look, while still leaving you looking sophisticated.

Tip of the Day:  Purchase a light weight bright colored scarf that can be wrapped around your neck and tucked into the top of your jacket…this is a less expensive way of creating pizzazz in your outfit. (Yeah, that’s right.  I just used the word pizzazz.)

Last but not least, no matter where you work, a shoe can be a great way to liven up any outfit.  When choosing a shoe it’s important that you remember your type of work. If you are a teacher running after kids all day a heel might not be the best idea; however, in this particular case a colored flat would be perfect!

Just because you are officially a professional, there is no excuse to lose your own personal touch to an outfit or conform into what every other person at the office looks like. Be Creative, Shop Smart, And Be a Stylish Professional…who’s stopping you?!


1 Response to "Frumpster to Fabulous!"

Great tips you have there. I love the fact that you highlight the scarf, they are my absolute favorite! scarf is such an easy way to lift the outfit 🙂

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