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Let Your Closet Be Your Friend

Posted on: November 3, 2009

At some point in about every girl’s life you’ve stared into your closet and said the 5 words that every man in your life dreads hearing “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR”.  This can easily be interpreted into “I don’t know what to wear”! Even though you might be staring into a closet filled with 50 different shirts, 30 pairs of shoes, and 6 pairs of jeans it’s the infamous phrase that has every guy cringing (due to the lack of money in his pocket and the fact that he’s about to hear you complain) and most girls in panic mode.  You might wonder how it could be impossible to find an outfit when your closet is filled to the brim?!  It’s actually over 9,000 combinations (thanks to the tidbit of information my engineer husband just gave me)! Well, I’m going to teach you 3 simple tricks of the trade to break through the clutter, and let your closet be your best friend not your worst enemy.

First, it is best that you decide on the event or outing that you’re planning on attending such as work, a date, a club, or a class. Once you’ve decided on the event, you’ve already made progress in the frightening task of what to wear. Now that you know where you’re heading to you have a feel for the type of atmosphere. This can help create an outfit in many ways: club=more trendy, work=professional, date=classy with edge. These are all ways to instantaneously come up with an idea.

The second best thing to do now that you know where you’re going is to choose a type of pant or skirt. Reason being is that the pant/skirt can dictate what type of shirt you should wear (and honestly who doesn’t want to solve two problems with one decision). A skinny jean often looks better with long shirts and flowing non-fitted tops due to the fact that your entire outfit won’t be fitted to your body. Wider leg pants often look best when paired with a fitted shirt or jacket. Not to say if you don’t follow this rule you’re committing a fashion crime, but it will help make the decision process easier. Also, the same rule can be applied with skirts such as the pencil and flared styles. So once you’ve decided on your bottom half you’ve already narrowed down what type of shirt you need. Now… just choose a top that fits the occasion!

Last but not least, your accessories can make an outfit that you’re tired of wearing into a completely different look.   So if all else fails search for accessories that you haven’t worn for a while or statement pieces like pearls or fake diamonds (don’t even act like you wear the real ones).

So next time you say “I have nothing to wear” take the time to sort through that “frenemy” also known as your closet and remember these 3 steps!


5 Responses to "Let Your Closet Be Your Friend"

After reading this and having a sympathy panic attack, I realize I need more accessories!

Nice! Well, a great way to get more is to pay attention to the sales… they can be really cheap (especially with the holidays coming up)!

What if you can’t wear skinny jeans because your calves are too big? Any suggestions?

I don’t know how I was logged in as you, but the question still stands!

Let spandex, cotton-spandex, and the boot leg cut style rock your world, they are still easy to fit into boots and also stretch enough to go around those calves!

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