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Leave the Past Behind

Posted on: November 4, 2009

There are certain fashion items that should be locked in the vault and never allowed to come back out! Clearly we all had a good time in the 80s and 90s; however, let’s not try to recreate them. I understand that styles often try to make a come back, but for the sake of us all looking back and thinking we were once cool and actually in style, let’s just leave the past in the past people!

Items that should never return or be caught in your closet: hammer time pants (maybe the song was hip for a quick second but it’s one item we definitely don’t need to see), little sun glasses (colored glasses only covering your eyeball isn’t helping out your eyes or your style), leggings (leggings are great but leggings are called leggings for a reason. They are not to be worn as pants.), knee-length skorts or culottes (do i need to explain?), and leotard onesies/body suit (uncomfortable, tight-fitting, and have you tried to go to the bathroom with one of those things on? Not so glamorous.)

If you have any of these items this is a perfect opportunity to break free of the glory days also known as your past and look to the future! You also may want to reconsider letting your bangs grow out. Don’t be discouraged!

There are 5 quick, comfortable outfits that can replace all of your previous ones. Hammer time pants can easily be replaced with the new boyfriend jean. They are comfortable and will bring you back to the future in a flash. There are multiple inexpensive stores that will replace little sunglasses with a style that actually might fit your eye! Check out ALDO, mall kiosks, and almost any department store to find medium to large size bargain glasses! Leggings can still be worn when paired with a long shirt or skirts. For a more updated classic look stick with the colors black and brown. Skorts and culottes must be thrown away! This does not mean give them away (just because you’re not wearing them doesn’t mean someone else should). Replace this look with a mid-length capri or a long jean short. It will allow you to be modest while keeping your look new and fresh. The leotard onesie/body suit should be substituted for a long fitted top. Needless to say, the only thing that should be fitted in your pants… is your underwear! All of these looks that I just provided you with are reasonably priced at any department store, and it can update your look in a heartbeat. So please do me a favor… Stop reading this and GO SHOP!

~Consulted with Michella Marino~


2 Responses to "Leave the Past Behind"

Stirrup pants also should not come back. I saw a pair at Macy’s and about had a heart attack. They are not flattering and leave a knee imprint after sitting down for a short time. Just say no to stirrup pants!!

What about acid washed jeans with the tight roll and a popped collar on the a polo shirt. Maybe wearing that with dock type shoes…I hear that is making a comeback. Or what about Zubaz pants with some high-top air force ones?

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