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Team Edward

Posted on: November 5, 2009

Risking it all for love…or a seat?! In about 15 days, 10 hours, 30 min, and 25 sec (not that anyone is counting) the doors will open and thousands of teen boppers will rush in the theaters around the U.S. to get a look at the blood sucking and passionate vampires also referred to as Bella and Edward. Who am I kidding? Thousands of adults (don’t act like you’re not excited) also will be patiently waiting in line either pretending to take their kids or (like myself) just owning up to the fact that they love Twilight as much as their 13-year-old cousin.

As a necessary precaution for the men in our lives we will expect abnormal amounts of bravery, songs played for us on the piano/a mixed cd will do, and to be driven around safely at an accelerated speed in a silver Volvo for at least 48 hours after seeing the movie. To avoid being ridiculed for these completely “normal” expectations I suggest suprising your significant other to a fancy dinner followed by the featured film New Moon.

For those of us budgeting on how to see the movie more than once and afford extra buttered popcorn multiple times along with sour patch kids which will leave our tongue feeling raw… we must start saving today! Putting away $2.oo a day will give you $30 dollars to at least count on for the big day that is Nov. 20th! If you’re “one of those” people who won’t be seeing New Moon I suggest donating $1.00 to a friend in need. Last but not least, as for those of you who are  on TEAM JACOB, may your seat be taken along with your pride! For TEAM EDWARD, I shall see you at the theater in 15 days!


5 Responses to "Team Edward"

This 37 year old is counting down the days too! Team Edward all the way!!!

I will be at the theaters because i am team edward! and a lil team jacob too!! lol I CANT WAIT!

Hahahahah Dang right Team Jacob! I will take your seat and your friends if you don’t want it!

team eddy! i’ll def be there! (: i love your blog by the way.. very informative & helpful!

oh geez Erin…i just checked out your blog, great tips…and i love this entry! Team Edward for sure. I’ll be sure to walk into the theater before all those declaring Jacob and make sure to ruin their seats…bahahaha! I hope all is well in married life! I miss your face around CBU…it’s just not the same to walk into a basketball practice and not see you Kat and katie!

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