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4 Ways to Dress Your Best

Posted on: November 7, 2009

Have you ever met anyone who’s just woken up for day and states “Today is the day I’m going to look like crap”?  Yeah…probably not! Most everyone wants to look their best whether that be in a jean and t-shirt or putting on heels and a dress. Clothes can change the way you feel for the day, and on days where you’re struggling, the last thing you want to worry about is looking in the mirror and feeling bad about yourself. So ladies and maybe a few men… I have come up with 4 ways to help you look your best without changing a thing!


  1. Wear your size! No one ever has to know your size besides you and possibly the cashier (which you’ll never see again anyhow, so who cares)!  The worst thing you can do for yourself is to try to fit into clothes that are a SMALLER SIZE. Even if you can squeeze into a size 8 that doesn’t mean you should! We’ve all done it, and this is the problem. Size means nothing. It’s how it actually fits you. That’s what should be important. Bulges aren’t cool no matter whether you’re an actual size 5 fitting into a 3 or a 14 fitting into a 10. When your skin is forced out the side of your back there is no way to justify the “coolness” of this look. You would think this would be a big enough sign to realize your pant is too small! Fitting in the right size leaves you looking thinner and also helps you look better!
  2. Accent your best feature! If you have at a tummy, but have awesome legs…show them off! If you have big calves wear bigger heels to give them more of an angle.  Have great boobs? Wear a v-neck! There are many ways to accent your best feature.  You just need to take time and decide what it is you like best about your body.
  3. Stripes are a love/hate relationship. When wearing horizontal stripes, be aware of the shape you’re giving yourself. They can widen your figure and make you like a zebra neither which is ideal. It’s best to stick to simple or subtle when dressing in stripes. Advice to remember; don’t pull a Jessica Simpson!
  4. Unless rapping is your forte, I suggest skipping out on the baggy clothes! When trying to hide your stomach, baggy clothes are not the solution. I’m here to bust this myth! Wearing baggy clothes are often outfits that were originally suppose to be fitted and instead are bought two sizes too big. This first gives you NO SHAPE and second leaves you more often than not looking BIGGER. An alternative to this look is buying a non-fitted shirt that still gives shape in your size. A great example of this would be peasant tops or loose fitted tanks.

These are all ways that can help someone who might not be completely satisfied with their figure or just ate too many pancakes for breakfast. Either way, if you can’t make it to the gym to drop a few pounds, just remember these 4 tips, and DON’T SWEAT IT, literally!


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