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Ways to Choose Bridesmaids Dresses and Still Keep Your Friends

Posted on: November 8, 2009

The time when flowers rule your life, friends become cut (due to lack of seating), and money slowly starts disappearing. It’s the glorious event known as your wedding! Along with this comes stress, happiness, anger, and nerves medically known as bipolar, others describe it as the bridal meltdown. One of many situations calls for you to choose not only your long and faithful friends known as your bridesmaids, but also a dress for everyone to wear.

That’s right you’ve suddenly become a stylist as well as a bride! While fashion or styling might not be your thing it is still something that you have to do when choosing a bridal party, this is unless you happen to be marrying a metro sexual. Which in that case I suggest having him take over! The task can be overwhelming, and frankly just not fun! How are you suppose to please all your friends at once when everyone has their own opinion and personal style?! 

Tip of the Day: Prom is not the cousin of the bridesmaid dress. Fru-fru and neon colors should be avoided at all times!

When choosing a bridesmaids dress remember not everyone is built the same! If you have two girls that are completely opposite shapes rather than forcing both of them into the same dress, let them have two choices in the same color.  Another way to avoid this situation would be choosing a simplistic style dress such as an A-line wrap around or separates (skirt and top) that most everyone would look good in. Dressing up a simple style can be done by adding a sash or bright-colored flowers. Many bridal stores give discounts to those who buy all their bridemaids dresses at the same place they buy their gown. This can help in saving some money for your maids…after all they will only be wearing their dress for approximately 7 hrs.   

No matter how beautiful your choice of a bridesmaid dress is  THEY WILL NOT CUT THE DRESS OFF AND WEAR IT AGAIN, so don’t fret about it! It’s not often that this is done because unless you live in the movies and have fancy parties to go to on a regular basis there isn’t many other places you can wear a semi-formal dress. Also, many people avoid going to tailors because stores are often more convenient.

Tea-length dresses are cute and in style; however, if your choice is a tea-length dress it leaves your bridesmaids with one more purchase that must be made, SHOES!  Take into consideration the difficulty of finding a store where everyone can buy matching shoes. Is it worth it to add another bullet point to your list? If so, I suggest finding a department or bridal store nationwide so every maid can get there as easy as possible without having to rely on your support!  

Also, your friends are not made of gold! So don’t forget that even though it’s your day they are technically paying a price for it. Don’t be mistaken your bridesmaids will support you and buy whatever it is you choose, but also don’t be naive to think they won’t talk about it behind your back!

Instead of stressing yourself out and turning into brideszilla remember it’s your day and your friends.  If you’ve chosen the right ones they would probably wear a green sack down the aisle just to support you and if not…well there are always replacements!


1 Response to "Ways to Choose Bridesmaids Dresses and Still Keep Your Friends"

They will walk down the isle in a green sack….but prob will not be happy about it haha. You already know though! You did well on your dresses I must say!

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