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Posted on: November 14, 2009

Jon Gosselin vs. TLC … I know what you’re thinking: lame, tired of it, and can we please move on?!  I would love to say yes to all three of these things right after I write this blog.  It has currently been reported by that Jon (first name basis now after all the idiotic things he’s done) is now suing TLC for ruining his reputation and career. They also go on to say that TLC has caused him to lose money for his career.  HOLD UP?! I can’t believe I’m hearing this right.  You would think maybe, just maybe, that he wouldn’t blame TLC for his reputation being ruined being as he didn’t have one prior to TLC.  He might for once just blame himself.  Hmm…it wasn’t TLC that was caught allegedly dating multiple people while still being legally married, and I don’t think it was TLC that decided to go through a mid-life crisis, (and yes we know you’re only can still happen!) pierce both ears, smoke, wear embarassing t-shirts, and date a 22 year old.  Before all of this I was more on his side than Kate, but this completely irks me, and thank goodness this is the last time you’ll hear me write about it!  WHEW..I’m over it!

Next…Carrie Prejean

Oh goodness!  Where to even begin?  So I felt bad for her right after the whole incident of the pageant because even if everyone doesn’t agree with her, you can’t ask an opinion question and not want an opinion back.  However, understandably she has been defensive due to many attacks but at the same time if you have a sex tape (or whatever it is), a hot topic following you, and nude pictures out, it might be best to stay home for a while…then write the book. Don’t write a book and then expect no one to ask you questions about all the stuff that’s going on out there!  Didn’t your publicist tell you this?!

Megan Fox

Men stop slobbering, she’s taken. It’s not like you could get her anyhow. Sorry to be so harsh!  However it’s been recently said in an article by the New York Times magazine that her publicists are a little nervous, and that she believes girls think she’s a slut.  Well…Ms. Fox let’s think about this.  When you’ve been posing naked, saying obscure innuendos, and choosing roles that don’t exactly yell out “the girl next door” some might paint you in that picture.  If you want to be more likable, tone it down a bit.  How are we suppose to know about the low-key side when much of what comes out of your mouth is intended to make guys swoon, not the girls?!


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