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The Do’s and Don’ts of This Winter

Posted on: November 15, 2009

Bundling up this winter doesn’t mean having to look like a snowman undercover. There are some classic Do’s and Don’ts you can follow to not only look your best, but to stop that winter breeze from keeping you in the house!  Whether you’re heading to class, work, or just stepping out for a while, check out these simple tips! 

Do’s:  Bright colored rain boots with long socks underneath! It’s perfect for wearing on a snowy day.

Don’ts:  Stilettos or flats!  Unless you want soggy shoes and socks, kick the heels to the curb for a night and stick with realism.

Do’s:  Knitted scarves wrapped twice around your neck!  This look will keep you in style, and stop your nose and face from looking like Rudolph!

Don’ts:  Light weight scarves are only good for “winter” magazine covers.  If you’re cold, a light weight scarf won’t save you!

Do’s:  Fingerless mittens are divine!!  Not only can you scratch that itch on your nose, but you can also avoid static from touching your hair. Use your coat pockets if the tips of your fingers become cold!

Don’ts:  If all you can find are mismatched mittens from the year 2000, wear them on the way to the store!  They are only $2, so go ahead and splurge…you can do it!

Do’s:  Trapper hats and knit toboggans are classic ways of keeping that head of yours warm. Choose fun designs and you’re bound to look good!

Don’ts:  Face masks.  Unless your involved in a winter sport, skip out on the  face mask. You’ll look like a creeper!

Plus, if you’re not lucky enough to go visit the grandparents in Florida and are stuck enduring the cold winter,  I suggest researching fun ways to stay warm! 

If you have a DO or DON’T for this winter, let me know!  The more ways there are to stay warm the merrier we all might be!


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