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“Business in the Front, Party in the Back” (Advice from a Mullet)

Posted on: November 17, 2009

There have been multiple reports of ladies not balancing out their outfits.  Wearing only professional business-like apparel (Hillary Clinton) or wearing only show-stopping numbers (Heidi Montag) are not two choices that any woman has to make when going to an everyday event.  There are 3 ways to take advice from a mullet and combine the best of both worlds!

If you are like me, your ultimate problem for choosing an outfit is deciding between the two spectrums of your wardrobe…the going out side versus the professional side.  I’ve wondered about how to combine the best of both worlds without looking like a Boring Bonnie or Heather Hooker for quite some time now.  It’s often you find yourself trying to look somewhere in between these polar opposites or let’s at least hope so.

There are 3 easy ways to add some flavor into your everyday apparel:  Sparkle, Pearls, Satin!

If you have a cute outfit in mind but it’s a little dull, a great way to add some flavor is a sparkly accessory.  Don’t go all Mariah Carey on me, but one sequined bag or glittery bracelet will be just enough to glam up your outfit!

Second, while I’m a fan of classic pearls there is a better way to make an outfit outshine the simple look.  Pearls are popular right now so they are very easy to find.  Try looking for long pearl necklaces that can be draped around your neck twice.  This can make any black sophisticated look up the ante!

Satin material does wonders for making pants and shirts look like pricey items.  Satin gives enough shine to an outfit and can be worn basically anytime of day.  Luckily this trend is in, so next time you’re shopping, look for a satin pant or cropped style.  Dress it up at night with a red-hot flowing shirt or dress it down during the day with some flats and a white tee.  It’s a great material that can bring your outfit to life!

Try using one of these 3 tips next time you’re going out on the town for a day and see if it helps!  So last but not least I’ll leave you with the one question that threw me for a loop…Who would of thought Billy Ray Cyrus’s hair would ever give inspiration to anything?!  Some might say it’s a gift from one of life’s little wonders and others might say we’re just lucky to have gotten anything from that era! 

Warning:  This message is in no way, shape, or form promoting the wearing of a mullet!


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