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15 Ways to Reduce Stress Over the Holidays

Posted on: November 24, 2009

As we all know the holidays can be a wonderful time of year, but also a very stressful time.  Many people put a lot of pressure on themselves due to cooking food, buying gifts, and trying to please not only others but themselves as well.  Instead of being overwhelmed this year, I highly suggest relaxing, lightening up and enjoy the upcoming frenzy known as the holidays!  I have created a list of 15 ways to reduce stress this year and remain happy for the month-long holiday season…so here it goes…

1. Load up on the caffeine! What’s better than running around extremely happy and hyper off of caffeine.

2. Eat your favorite dessert! Nothing is worse than passing up a pie, chocolate, or cookies because you’re on a holiday diet. First and foremost a holiday diet is way overrated and lame!  Splurge! One cookie isn’t going to kill ya.

3. Don’t eat too much turkey.  Turkey will make you sleepy which could make you cranky if you’re trying to stay awake.

4. Don’t discuss politics with your uncle who you see once a year. What good will come of that?!

5. Let elastic be your friend.  Bring sweatpants to family dinners so that your stomach and pants can expand!

6. Watch a Christmas movie!  There are so many classics surely you can find one to enjoy.

7. Avoid leaving your new significant other alone with your family.  This isn’t good for him or her and won’t be good for your relationship!

8. Do a good deed anonymously!  Helping others will bring a little joy to yourself and the person you helped.

9. Get a bargain deal!  Knowing you saved 50% might just make your day!

10. See a Christmas show!  Either it will be wonderful or you’ll become giggly due to the fact that you just saw a male ballerina in tights ( and we all know what that means). Either way equals good times!

11. Play a game with your brother or sister and see how often you can get that one “crazy” family member to say an unusual word.  Free entertainment for everyone!

12. Enjoy the holidays because it’s socially acceptable to decorate the outside of our homes with lights and ornaments, bring live trees to stand inside our living rooms, and hang old socks from our mantels. When else is this possible without being called weirdo?!

13. If traveling, pack candy. When in traffic or if your flight is delayed at least you have sweets to pass by the time! 

14. Do stockings! It’s amazing what joy can come out of opening random gifts from inside a big red sock?!

15. If acting like a Scrooge during the holidays, you should know that while your bitterness is neither appealing or fun to be around, like yourself  we also wish you would of just stayed home! 

Rather than stressing and worrying about making the holidays perfect. Remember perfection is never any fun!  It’s that crazy game you always play, the tradition that never quite works out, and the family stories that you’ve heard over a thousand times that make the holidays not only wonderful but unique every year! So enjoy!    

Happy Thanksgiving!


2 Responses to "15 Ways to Reduce Stress Over the Holidays"

Hey there! When’s the next post coming? I need my daily dose of fashion advice! 🙂

tomorrow! I had been on a break for the holidays!:)

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