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Most fashion bloggers might write about how glorious 5th avenue is while shopping in NYC, or how you can take one designer piece and pair it with another less expensive piece.  Although, what happens when that one designer piece isn’t even affordable on mine or yours best day?! However, what makes this blog different is I’m not going to lie to you and say that 5th avenue isn’t glorious because it is well…to look at least; instead, I’m going to tell you the truth of what happens while actually shopping in NYC. Unless you’re making the mega big bucks and in that case you can ignore everything I’m about to say.

Most people are looking into the windows and wishing you could sneak by that dude in the tux guarding the door that is giving you the look of “You’re not dressed well enough to even step foot in this store”. Of course I can’t speak for everyone, but the realistic perspective is that many people (like myself) who stare aimlessly into the windows of Versace and Fendi then head to actuality (a.k.a. the street vendor) to bargain with the man who is selling Pashmina scarfs for $5 (as if $5 wasn’t cheap enough). Call Reality Chic cheap, maybe? But realistic, no question!  If it wasn’t for the street vendors and H&M at every corner I don’t know what I and many of us would do while shopping in NYC?!

Let’s be realistic! When most of us say we are “shopping in the city” we mean looking for bargains whether it be on the street or in the giant retail stores. While NYC will always have the unattainable designer labels and the attainable knock offs, they will always have shopping! So rather than fantasizing about 5th avenue and designer labels often thrown in our faces.  Let this be a lesson, clothes are clothes and looking chic doesn’t mean having to have labels. And while all things might not be good to pick up off the street, some ITEMS might surprise you. Besides who said looking Street Chic couldn’t be taken literally?!


A majority of people buy houses and cars, two major items that have both most likely been USED. If when buying these items you don’t think twice about them having been used before, what’s the problem in buying used clothes?! Just like buying a house or a car as long as they are in good condition, what’s the difference? Buying your clothes at a consignment shop is a great way to get your bang for your buck and save on things a little more important in life such as New Moon tickets!

My challenge of the day was to go into a local consignment shop and find an entire outfit for $35 dollars or under.  Who honestly wouldn’t want that?! After stepping into the store, I suddenly found myself excited at the idea of this challenge and the fact that I had an excuse to shop without having my husband being disappointed that I spent another $35 dollars on clothes. This should also be known as my best idea yet, and I’d advise you to use it as well! I was determined to find not only a shirt and pant, but the whole shebang (and yes i just said shebang). Top, pant, jewelry, purse, and shoes for all under $35 dollars would be a hard thing to do. In all honestly, I actually thought I would end up writing about something else due to the fact that I wasn’t sure it could be done. To my surprise I not only found out that it could be accomplished, but that the clothes were actually cute, stylish, and in great condition. You must be thinking that the clothes are from low-end stores and are pretty basic. Wrong!

First item up: I chose a silver silk non-fitted sleeveless shirt with a built in rhinestone neck that ties in the back by F.A.N.G for a total of $9.00! It can be worn with basically any type of pant; however, it would be best as a date top or going to work shirt!

Second item: A black boot leg stretch pant that would be perfect for going to work or to a more upscale event. The pant was from The Limited for a whopping $9.00. Can’t beat it!

Third item: This item is by far my favorite of the day! A pair of Miss Me purple heeled ankle boots for $11.00!! Colored shoes can help uplift any outfit and at this price it just uplifted my day!

Fourth item: I found a purple gel beaded bangel to accent the shoes for $2.00! I don’t know what store it is originally from but any accessory for just $2.00 is worth buying.

Fifth and final item: My final purchase was a purple clutch which ties the whole outfit together. Clutches are a necessity! Who wants to carry around a purse all day? As much as I would like fanny packs to come back in style for convenience purposes they too should probably stay locked in the vault. Clutches are a great way to just throw in the items that you need and walk on out the door with out lugging around a giant bag that could fit in a small child.

There ya have it 5 items (an entire outfit) for exactly $35 dollars. Who would of thought?! I wish I could write about how it was a hard grueling task, but it wasn’t. It was easy! In fact, it was so easy that I spent another $35 dollars on a headband, blue dress, scarf, and winter coat! Shh… keep it on the down low I would like to be able to shop again in my lifetime! Anyhow, what I’m trying to tell you is that next time you’re  under a budget and need to find some clothes, go to your local consignment shop. YOU JUST MIGHT BE SURPRISED!!

I love designer labels as much as the next girl, but the problem is I’d have to break the bank to afford any of the them(well actually rob a bank would probably be a more realistic term)! However there is a new revolution happening; TOP DESIGNERS are bringing affordable clothes into a variety of well-known stores nationwide.   This creates two great situations, first being that knock-offs of designer clothes and accessories can be lessened by the actual fact that your average “Jo”Ann can afford it and second being that designers are realizing that the rest of the mainstream world would also like to be somewhat fashionable! P.S. And they can make some major moolah which helps!

Designers to Look For:

Max Azria has teamed up with Miley Cyrus to create a line at Wal-Mart. While this might not be the most sophisticated line of clothes out of the bunch it’s great for teens and even has some great going-out pieces that bring a taste of BCBG into (who would of ever guessed) Wal-Mart.

Lauren Conrad is debuting her new line at Kohl’s where she captures some young hollywood looks at a reasonable price. She has a variety of shirts that would accent a great fitted jean!

Charlotte Ronson (I heart Ronson) clothing line is not only realistically priced, but also has super cute outfits for almost any occasion a girl needs to go to!

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen just announced their new juniors line Olsonboye also at teens look out!

Jimmy Choo is coming to H&M Nov. 14, enough said!

So if being mainstream means getting designers at bargain prices,why not be a label lover?!

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