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Have you ever met anyone who’s just woken up for day and states “Today is the day I’m going to look like crap”?  Yeah…probably not! Most everyone wants to look their best whether that be in a jean and t-shirt or putting on heels and a dress. Clothes can change the way you feel for the day, and on days where you’re struggling, the last thing you want to worry about is looking in the mirror and feeling bad about yourself. So ladies and maybe a few men… I have come up with 4 ways to help you look your best without changing a thing!


  1. Wear your size! No one ever has to know your size besides you and possibly the cashier (which you’ll never see again anyhow, so who cares)!  The worst thing you can do for yourself is to try to fit into clothes that are a SMALLER SIZE. Even if you can squeeze into a size 8 that doesn’t mean you should! We’ve all done it, and this is the problem. Size means nothing. It’s how it actually fits you. That’s what should be important. Bulges aren’t cool no matter whether you’re an actual size 5 fitting into a 3 or a 14 fitting into a 10. When your skin is forced out the side of your back there is no way to justify the “coolness” of this look. You would think this would be a big enough sign to realize your pant is too small! Fitting in the right size leaves you looking thinner and also helps you look better!
  2. Accent your best feature! If you have at a tummy, but have awesome legs…show them off! If you have big calves wear bigger heels to give them more of an angle.  Have great boobs? Wear a v-neck! There are many ways to accent your best feature.  You just need to take time and decide what it is you like best about your body.
  3. Stripes are a love/hate relationship. When wearing horizontal stripes, be aware of the shape you’re giving yourself. They can widen your figure and make you like a zebra neither which is ideal. It’s best to stick to simple or subtle when dressing in stripes. Advice to remember; don’t pull a Jessica Simpson!
  4. Unless rapping is your forte, I suggest skipping out on the baggy clothes! When trying to hide your stomach, baggy clothes are not the solution. I’m here to bust this myth! Wearing baggy clothes are often outfits that were originally suppose to be fitted and instead are bought two sizes too big. This first gives you NO SHAPE and second leaves you more often than not looking BIGGER. An alternative to this look is buying a non-fitted shirt that still gives shape in your size. A great example of this would be peasant tops or loose fitted tanks.

These are all ways that can help someone who might not be completely satisfied with their figure or just ate too many pancakes for breakfast. Either way, if you can’t make it to the gym to drop a few pounds, just remember these 4 tips, and DON’T SWEAT IT, literally!


A majority of people buy houses and cars, two major items that have both most likely been USED. If when buying these items you don’t think twice about them having been used before, what’s the problem in buying used clothes?! Just like buying a house or a car as long as they are in good condition, what’s the difference? Buying your clothes at a consignment shop is a great way to get your bang for your buck and save on things a little more important in life such as New Moon tickets!

My challenge of the day was to go into a local consignment shop and find an entire outfit for $35 dollars or under.  Who honestly wouldn’t want that?! After stepping into the store, I suddenly found myself excited at the idea of this challenge and the fact that I had an excuse to shop without having my husband being disappointed that I spent another $35 dollars on clothes. This should also be known as my best idea yet, and I’d advise you to use it as well! I was determined to find not only a shirt and pant, but the whole shebang (and yes i just said shebang). Top, pant, jewelry, purse, and shoes for all under $35 dollars would be a hard thing to do. In all honestly, I actually thought I would end up writing about something else due to the fact that I wasn’t sure it could be done. To my surprise I not only found out that it could be accomplished, but that the clothes were actually cute, stylish, and in great condition. You must be thinking that the clothes are from low-end stores and are pretty basic. Wrong!

First item up: I chose a silver silk non-fitted sleeveless shirt with a built in rhinestone neck that ties in the back by F.A.N.G for a total of $9.00! It can be worn with basically any type of pant; however, it would be best as a date top or going to work shirt!

Second item: A black boot leg stretch pant that would be perfect for going to work or to a more upscale event. The pant was from The Limited for a whopping $9.00. Can’t beat it!

Third item: This item is by far my favorite of the day! A pair of Miss Me purple heeled ankle boots for $11.00!! Colored shoes can help uplift any outfit and at this price it just uplifted my day!

Fourth item: I found a purple gel beaded bangel to accent the shoes for $2.00! I don’t know what store it is originally from but any accessory for just $2.00 is worth buying.

Fifth and final item: My final purchase was a purple clutch which ties the whole outfit together. Clutches are a necessity! Who wants to carry around a purse all day? As much as I would like fanny packs to come back in style for convenience purposes they too should probably stay locked in the vault. Clutches are a great way to just throw in the items that you need and walk on out the door with out lugging around a giant bag that could fit in a small child.

There ya have it 5 items (an entire outfit) for exactly $35 dollars. Who would of thought?! I wish I could write about how it was a hard grueling task, but it wasn’t. It was easy! In fact, it was so easy that I spent another $35 dollars on a headband, blue dress, scarf, and winter coat! Shh… keep it on the down low I would like to be able to shop again in my lifetime! Anyhow, what I’m trying to tell you is that next time you’re  under a budget and need to find some clothes, go to your local consignment shop. YOU JUST MIGHT BE SURPRISED!!

Risking it all for love…or a seat?! In about 15 days, 10 hours, 30 min, and 25 sec (not that anyone is counting) the doors will open and thousands of teen boppers will rush in the theaters around the U.S. to get a look at the blood sucking and passionate vampires also referred to as Bella and Edward. Who am I kidding? Thousands of adults (don’t act like you’re not excited) also will be patiently waiting in line either pretending to take their kids or (like myself) just owning up to the fact that they love Twilight as much as their 13-year-old cousin.

As a necessary precaution for the men in our lives we will expect abnormal amounts of bravery, songs played for us on the piano/a mixed cd will do, and to be driven around safely at an accelerated speed in a silver Volvo for at least 48 hours after seeing the movie. To avoid being ridiculed for these completely “normal” expectations I suggest suprising your significant other to a fancy dinner followed by the featured film New Moon.

For those of us budgeting on how to see the movie more than once and afford extra buttered popcorn multiple times along with sour patch kids which will leave our tongue feeling raw… we must start saving today! Putting away $2.oo a day will give you $30 dollars to at least count on for the big day that is Nov. 20th! If you’re “one of those” people who won’t be seeing New Moon I suggest donating $1.00 to a friend in need. Last but not least, as for those of you who are  on TEAM JACOB, may your seat be taken along with your pride! For TEAM EDWARD, I shall see you at the theater in 15 days!

There are certain fashion items that should be locked in the vault and never allowed to come back out! Clearly we all had a good time in the 80s and 90s; however, let’s not try to recreate them. I understand that styles often try to make a come back, but for the sake of us all looking back and thinking we were once cool and actually in style, let’s just leave the past in the past people!

Items that should never return or be caught in your closet: hammer time pants (maybe the song was hip for a quick second but it’s one item we definitely don’t need to see), little sun glasses (colored glasses only covering your eyeball isn’t helping out your eyes or your style), leggings (leggings are great but leggings are called leggings for a reason. They are not to be worn as pants.), knee-length skorts or culottes (do i need to explain?), and leotard onesies/body suit (uncomfortable, tight-fitting, and have you tried to go to the bathroom with one of those things on? Not so glamorous.)

If you have any of these items this is a perfect opportunity to break free of the glory days also known as your past and look to the future! You also may want to reconsider letting your bangs grow out. Don’t be discouraged!

There are 5 quick, comfortable outfits that can replace all of your previous ones. Hammer time pants can easily be replaced with the new boyfriend jean. They are comfortable and will bring you back to the future in a flash. There are multiple inexpensive stores that will replace little sunglasses with a style that actually might fit your eye! Check out ALDO, mall kiosks, and almost any department store to find medium to large size bargain glasses! Leggings can still be worn when paired with a long shirt or skirts. For a more updated classic look stick with the colors black and brown. Skorts and culottes must be thrown away! This does not mean give them away (just because you’re not wearing them doesn’t mean someone else should). Replace this look with a mid-length capri or a long jean short. It will allow you to be modest while keeping your look new and fresh. The leotard onesie/body suit should be substituted for a long fitted top. Needless to say, the only thing that should be fitted in your pants… is your underwear! All of these looks that I just provided you with are reasonably priced at any department store, and it can update your look in a heartbeat. So please do me a favor… Stop reading this and GO SHOP!

~Consulted with Michella Marino~

At some point in about every girl’s life you’ve stared into your closet and said the 5 words that every man in your life dreads hearing “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR”.  This can easily be interpreted into “I don’t know what to wear”! Even though you might be staring into a closet filled with 50 different shirts, 30 pairs of shoes, and 6 pairs of jeans it’s the infamous phrase that has every guy cringing (due to the lack of money in his pocket and the fact that he’s about to hear you complain) and most girls in panic mode.  You might wonder how it could be impossible to find an outfit when your closet is filled to the brim?!  It’s actually over 9,000 combinations (thanks to the tidbit of information my engineer husband just gave me)! Well, I’m going to teach you 3 simple tricks of the trade to break through the clutter, and let your closet be your best friend not your worst enemy.

First, it is best that you decide on the event or outing that you’re planning on attending such as work, a date, a club, or a class. Once you’ve decided on the event, you’ve already made progress in the frightening task of what to wear. Now that you know where you’re heading to you have a feel for the type of atmosphere. This can help create an outfit in many ways: club=more trendy, work=professional, date=classy with edge. These are all ways to instantaneously come up with an idea.

The second best thing to do now that you know where you’re going is to choose a type of pant or skirt. Reason being is that the pant/skirt can dictate what type of shirt you should wear (and honestly who doesn’t want to solve two problems with one decision). A skinny jean often looks better with long shirts and flowing non-fitted tops due to the fact that your entire outfit won’t be fitted to your body. Wider leg pants often look best when paired with a fitted shirt or jacket. Not to say if you don’t follow this rule you’re committing a fashion crime, but it will help make the decision process easier. Also, the same rule can be applied with skirts such as the pencil and flared styles. So once you’ve decided on your bottom half you’ve already narrowed down what type of shirt you need. Now… just choose a top that fits the occasion!

Last but not least, your accessories can make an outfit that you’re tired of wearing into a completely different look.   So if all else fails search for accessories that you haven’t worn for a while or statement pieces like pearls or fake diamonds (don’t even act like you wear the real ones).

So next time you say “I have nothing to wear” take the time to sort through that “frenemy” also known as your closet and remember these 3 steps!

“The Fashion World” is the only place where a size 4 becomes plus size, a decision about shoes can make or break your career, and dressing in velvet leggings is socially acceptable! However, this global industry is far from just having a silent effect. The effect is blatantly shown by the media and in the popularity of current magazines. I can’t say I’ve never read one or haven’t flipped through them while standing in the grocery line. In fact, I love them! This brings me to the realization that the world of fashion and its followers might be in need of a reality check even if it is only for myself. If we all just took a moment to collect the $4.50 spent consistently on our obsession with fashion and celebrities we’d probably save a lot money over a lifetime and a lot of wasted time analyzing if the one shoulder dress is the way to go or maybe just the strapless with the sweetheart neck. Either way we buy into it, and we probably aren’t going to stop anytime soon! So why is it that this cultural phenomenon has become the obsession of so many teens and adults around the world? Good question, and I don’t know the exact answer. However, rather than answering the question, it might be best to figure out how to engage in a possible proper healthy relationship with this so-called media frenzy. I believe it is best to give myself and fellow fashion followers a needed reality check or should I say chic(okay, so it’s a bad a joke).

Anyhow, clothes were originally worn to bring covering to the body and for warmth, but I haven’t read anything that states that clothes were originally only for high-class fashionistas or the 10 best and worst dressed list.  Also, we need to remember that fashion is an expression of our personal style.  It’s not like the industry is curing cancer or solving world hunger. Of course, we all want to look our best. It’s a natural instinct; however, when we start trying to look our best just to impress others or because it’s what the “magazines” say is cool we’ve completely lost ourselves.  When all is said and done I think it’s best we step away from the magazine rack, take a deep breath in, and remember CLOTHES are really just CLOTHES!

There is a very fine line with the “new” trend that is Bohemian style. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this style it started when the term took on a social meaning of artists and their rebellion for conventional ways. In the 60s and 70s when many people were forming their own personal expressions that were much more free-spirited and laid back in a hippy sort of way the bohemian style became popular once again. It has now become the “new look” that stars and designers are getting inspiration from. 

Many can master this free-spirited look and others…well let’s just say they look as if they just emerged from living under a box. The easiest way to explain the boho style is basically a layered collection with eclectic pieces such as patterns, fringe, and flashbacks to the 70s. However, wearing this style doesn’ t mean putting on every article of clothing you own. It simply means working with one piece at a time such as vintage items, oversized jewelry, and layered articles such as jackets, scarves, and flowing peasant tops.

Tip of Day: To achieve being vintage doesn’t mean going to high-end stores to create a so-called vintage look. It means going to second-hand stores and updating a look from a past time.

This is one style that can truly be affordable! It has become this ridiculous concept that the boho style needs designer flare.  This idea should be scrapped along with lace stockings and baggy high-waisted pants!  This isn’t to say you can’t shop for this look, but it is ridiculous to shop at high-end stores for a style that can be created from Goodwill! So be unique, pull items from within you and your friends closets and express YOURSELF, not the designer!  

5 of the best stores to find the bohemian style are:

  1. Goodwill
  2. Anthropologie
  3. Forever 21
  4. Urban Outfitters
  5. Your Local Consignment Shop

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