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Partying in the U.S.A is one thing, but walking around Paris wearing mom jeans is something that just can’t be ignored. If you flip to page 14 on People Magazine’s Best and Worst of 2009 Double Issue, you’ll see Miley Cyrus canoodling with possible new bf Liam Hemsworth (Oooh…Awww!). However, what was simply looked over were her clothes! Let me describe… High-Waisted, White, Pleated Cropped Pants, cinched with a Skinny Belt. Miley hasn’t been the only celebrity to have been seen in these, and she probably won’t be the last. (This is me coughing Ashley Olsen.)

Needless to say, I’m a little confused. This style implicates everything someone should avoid if wanting to be seen as “stylish” or well…out in public. Pleats, high-waisted, and a long droopy bottom?! I thought we had stopped this years ago…Remember the Mom Jeans?
If it wasn’t clear enough with the skit you may recall from SNL’s “Mom Jeans,” this style isn’t cool nor will it ever be! So why is it fashion gurus are claiming pleated pants as chic must-haves?! If only I had a clue!!!
Advisory warning: Pleated pants around your stomach only accentuate your stomach more, plus leave your (how do I put this politely?) crotch area looking baggy and twice the size.
If we’ve learned anything over the past decade it’s to leave mom jeans in the past. So to step forward into the new year, may I suggest we move on to better non-pleated things! It’s merely a suggestion!

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What’s In or Out Going Into 2010! 

In- Taking your dog to doggy parks.

Out- Carrying your dog in a bag.

In- Cigarette Pants

Out- Smoking them

In- Gladiator Heels

Out- Gladiator Flats

In- Dancing with a DIVA

Out- Acting like one

In- Golfers

Out- Tiger Woods

In- Bragging about your $5.00 shirt

Out- Bragging about your Louis Vuitton Purse

In- Publicity for a show

Out- Publicity for a SHOW (balloon boy)

In- Wendy’s Baconater

Out- Swine Flu

Feel free to add to the list…!

While surfing  through my every day blogs and magazines on the internet, I started thinking about some of the weird celeb fashion that I’ve recently been looking at on the internet.  It has definitely absorbed a lot of my free time online ( well… that and Facebook), and I know there are many others bored in their jobs or have subscriptions to mags that are equally entertained by these celeb pics. They often read: Who was a hit or miss last night? or Who is on the worst and best dressed list on the red carpet?

However, it has become the job of many reporters to look at what these celebs wear not only on the red carpet but on a daily basis as well.  Even worse than that, many have now started analyzing what celeb’s kids are wearing.  I’m thinking the obsession might have just crossed the line?!  What is more degrading than looking at a celeb kid and realizing you’re never going to afford what Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Suri Cruise, or Paris Hilton’s dog is wearing?  Or should I ask what is more degrading than reporting about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Suri Cruise, or Paris Hilton’s Dog?  And is it kind of embarrassing to be comparing our wardrobe to a 5-year-old or a chiuwuawa? Possibly.

My question I’m asking is do we really care??  Is it that big of deal what Jennifer Aniston wore to the airport or what shoes Suri Cruise went to the playground in?  I think not. 

So I’m offering advice to those like myself and who are surfing the net for some healthy entertainment.  Let’s take control of our lives, skip the Celeb Kids section, and move on to better forms of healthy entertainment like internet games (sarcasm)!

Men, this article probably isn’t for you… well, unless you wear a manzierre?!  Ladies let’s be real!  There are certain things that only a true friend will tell you.  So today I’m going to take the time to express my love for all my girl readers out there and be a true friend by telling you what many of yours won’t. 

First and foremost…underwear lines!  This isn’t cool no matter what size you are, and there is no excuse for it either!  Whether you are a 2 or a 20, no one wants to see what type of underwear or the outline along your buttocks!  As embarrassing as this is to tell someone, it might be a necessity if it’s happened more than once.  It’s not the prettiest site, and it’s awkward when you can see the whole outline of someone you’ve only known for 10 seconds.  Don’t act like the guys don’t notice, and don’t act like the girls don’t talk about it.  It’s one faux pas that can be nipped in the butt, literally!  The way to get rid of this growing epidemic (so maybe that’s a little overstated) is to wear under garments that do not show lines.  Choose wisely. If thongs aren’t for you, there is shape wear such as Spanx or non-brand names out there.  Also, often boy shorts work out!  There is a time and place for comfortable lined underwear, but when wearing pants that are tighter, this isn’t it!

Next, a bra that pinches your fat on the side is not only a sad sight, but also has to be extremely uncomfortable.  If you’ve watched Oprah you probably know about her bra intervention show; however, it is still reported today that over 80 percent of people (well..let’s hope just ladies) are wearing the wrong size.  Having four boobs or a uni-boob isn’t justifiably cool on anyone!  So to help a friend in need I am going to teach you how to measure for your bra size.  It’s really easy and will only take about 1 minute!  First, get out a tape measure.  Second, wrap the tape measure around right above your chest.  Make sure it’s parallel to the ground.  How many inches the tape measure says is how big your band size is such as 32, 34, ect… Third, wrap the tape measure right over top your unpadded bra.  How many inches the tape measure reads above your band size explains the cup size. For example: 32 inches is your  measurement for your band size, but then you measure a 34 around the top of your bra.  Since the 34 is 2 inches above your band size, your cup size is a B.   A= 1 inch above, B= 2 inches above, and C= 3 inches above…etc.  This is a simple way of measuring for the right size.  If worse comes to worse just ask someone at a department store or specialty store to measure you.  Just remember this isn’t church, so don’t let your cup runneth over!

The last faux pas is one that is affecting many girls today.  If you have to ask yourself whether you’re wearing a shirt or a dress, trust me it’s a shirt.  Unless you’re in Hollywood (even then it’s not okay)  you’re not going to get by without either getting snide looks, creepy guys, or being asked to put some pants on!  Ask your friend before you go out on the town, and if it’s during the day you shouldn’t even have to ask because you should know better.  Like mom always said if your hand goes past your shorts you probably shouldn’t be wearing them…and I’m only talking about the shirt!

So to wrap this up there are 3 rules to live by:  no visible panty lines, find the right bra size, and if the dress isn’t long enough wear it as a shirt.  People say rules are meant to be broken.  Well… NOT THESE!!

Reality Chic: Because real people don't wear sparkle pants to Olive Garden!

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