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Most fashion bloggers might write about how glorious 5th avenue is while shopping in NYC, or how you can take one designer piece and pair it with another less expensive piece.  Although, what happens when that one designer piece isn’t even affordable on mine or yours best day?! However, what makes this blog different is I’m not going to lie to you and say that 5th avenue isn’t glorious because it is well…to look at least; instead, I’m going to tell you the truth of what happens while actually shopping in NYC. Unless you’re making the mega big bucks and in that case you can ignore everything I’m about to say.

Most people are looking into the windows and wishing you could sneak by that dude in the tux guarding the door that is giving you the look of “You’re not dressed well enough to even step foot in this store”. Of course I can’t speak for everyone, but the realistic perspective is that many people (like myself) who stare aimlessly into the windows of Versace and Fendi then head to actuality (a.k.a. the street vendor) to bargain with the man who is selling Pashmina scarfs for $5 (as if $5 wasn’t cheap enough). Call Reality Chic cheap, maybe? But realistic, no question!  If it wasn’t for the street vendors and H&M at every corner I don’t know what I and many of us would do while shopping in NYC?!

Let’s be realistic! When most of us say we are “shopping in the city” we mean looking for bargains whether it be on the street or in the giant retail stores. While NYC will always have the unattainable designer labels and the attainable knock offs, they will always have shopping! So rather than fantasizing about 5th avenue and designer labels often thrown in our faces.  Let this be a lesson, clothes are clothes and looking chic doesn’t mean having to have labels. And while all things might not be good to pick up off the street, some ITEMS might surprise you. Besides who said looking Street Chic couldn’t be taken literally?!


Man cleavage?  How do we really feel about this upcoming trend for the men. I mean I’m pretty sure we can all agree “man boobs” are not so cool nor will they ever….ever…ever.. be!  This trend of men unbuttoning their top two buttons without a shirt underneath or deep cut v-necks revealing the oh so or not so muscular chest of certain men might be a trend that needs to be stopped?

While I wouldn’t mind seeing Mathew McConaughey’s man cleavage (after all we’ve seen him with his shirt off about a million times).  I’m not so sure how I feel about seeing anyone elses.  Is this a trend we really want to pass on to the men in our lives:  uncles, dads, grandpas, and those with so-called “man boobs”?  I think not! Well…actually I know NOT! 

 It’s not often that I have to say this, but it would be highly depressing and degrading to see a man have more cleavage than myself. Right ladies?  So as much as deep cut v-necks and unbuttoning button ups are in right now.  Let’s put a stop to this so-called trend for men.  And for those of you men out there who won’t stop…my advice to you is subtlety. Do we really need more people showing off their cleavage in the world…even if it is coming from a man?!! You make the call, but i’m going to say NO!

I come from a long line of (forgive me family) big calved women. I have yet to inherit this trait (although after this article I am bound to)! Anyhow, my family members have relentlessly told me how difficult it is to find boots to fit over their pleasantly plump calves (a.k.a the muscular ones). 

 So it was to my great surprise to find this awesome blog by Ashley Falcon where she discusses the difficulty of women like herself who have had trouble finding boots. Who would have thought, my fam was telling the truth after all?!  Boot problem..check! While solving fashion problems can sometimes be difficult, it seems we nipped this one in the bud, thank goodness!   Next time you think about squeezing and shoving that calf of yours into a boot that’s screaming STOP IT, remember these brands: Sudini, Nine West, and Rockport!  So what are you waiting for…Go Out and Get Your Boot !!!

What’s In or Out Going Into 2010! 

In- Taking your dog to doggy parks.

Out- Carrying your dog in a bag.

In- Cigarette Pants

Out- Smoking them

In- Gladiator Heels

Out- Gladiator Flats

In- Dancing with a DIVA

Out- Acting like one

In- Golfers

Out- Tiger Woods

In- Bragging about your $5.00 shirt

Out- Bragging about your Louis Vuitton Purse

In- Publicity for a show

Out- Publicity for a SHOW (balloon boy)

In- Wendy’s Baconater

Out- Swine Flu

Feel free to add to the list…!

It’s been famously said that “Beauty is Pain”, and honestly how can you not agree?!  Ever since the days with corsets, girdles, and hoop skirts women around the world have not strayed far from the uncomfortable apparel to look good in the eye of society, and not too much has changed after all this time.  We may not wear corsets or girdles everyday instead we’ve graduated to far better things like stilettos, heeled boots, and even Spanx!  Of course these are all things which make us look better none which are comfortable by any means.  I, like many girls out there, often try to convince myself that wearing cute shoes all day is worth it!  That is until I come home to blisters, soreness, and my pride all which does nothing to help the throbbing pain in my feet. 

Sure we women have rallied throughout time…women running for president, women CEO’s, women’s professional sports, and more, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news!  We haven’t come quite as far as we thought in the fashion world.  From not being able to breathe to elevating our height at a steep slant to wearing undergarments that force fat into unknown places. It’s amazing that at some point our common sense has yet to sink in.

Where did comfort get lost in the mix and growth of fashion throughout all these years?!!  Will our only resort be Dr. Schultz cushions and cotton clothes??  If so…here’s a toast to the next 100 years of beauty and pain.  May your feet be pedicured (often), stomach be sucked in (frequently), and prayers for comfort and style  to be combined be answered (soon…preferrably).

While surfing  through my every day blogs and magazines on the internet, I started thinking about some of the weird celeb fashion that I’ve recently been looking at on the internet.  It has definitely absorbed a lot of my free time online ( well… that and Facebook), and I know there are many others bored in their jobs or have subscriptions to mags that are equally entertained by these celeb pics. They often read: Who was a hit or miss last night? or Who is on the worst and best dressed list on the red carpet?

However, it has become the job of many reporters to look at what these celebs wear not only on the red carpet but on a daily basis as well.  Even worse than that, many have now started analyzing what celeb’s kids are wearing.  I’m thinking the obsession might have just crossed the line?!  What is more degrading than looking at a celeb kid and realizing you’re never going to afford what Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Suri Cruise, or Paris Hilton’s dog is wearing?  Or should I ask what is more degrading than reporting about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Suri Cruise, or Paris Hilton’s Dog?  And is it kind of embarrassing to be comparing our wardrobe to a 5-year-old or a chiuwuawa? Possibly.

My question I’m asking is do we really care??  Is it that big of deal what Jennifer Aniston wore to the airport or what shoes Suri Cruise went to the playground in?  I think not. 

So I’m offering advice to those like myself and who are surfing the net for some healthy entertainment.  Let’s take control of our lives, skip the Celeb Kids section, and move on to better forms of healthy entertainment like internet games (sarcasm)!

In terms of dressing like a man, when you’re a female into fashion it might not be ideal under any circumstances.  Let’s be honest being called butch or manly isn’t something many of us females would take as a compliment.  However, there are ways to be inspired by your guy’s attire that might just change your mind about dressing in menswear (and i’m not talking about striped polo’s or dad jeans). 

The first item up is a tuxedo jacket.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a tuxedo jacket. It could be a variation of a men’s suit jacket. One of the most important things to remember, is even though it is technically called a men’s jacket doesn’t mean it should be taken right out of your guy’s closet.  Buy the tailored or ladies version of this specific look.  Long boyfriend jackets are great; however, don’t wear jackets that are longer than your arm’s length.  They will start to look “cape ish” and cover your figure rather than accentuate it.  These jackets are classic and versatile.  Wear them to work then go out in them!  Simple as that.  They are an easy way to look chic without trying hard at all!

Second:  Every girl should have either a big watch or chunky jewelry!  Men’s watches are very popular right now in women’s sizes.  Try searching for the boyfriend style or even sporty style in a women’s line.  This is a great look that will help you stand out.  It’s a way of adding dimension to your outfit with only putting on one element.  Once again it’s another way of adding a guy sort of edge with a feminine touch.  Simple! 

Third:  Skinny black pants or skinny jeans are great compliments with the previous suggestions.  It adds femininity to menswear therefore separating you from mimicking a complete guys look.  Because lets face it, unless your European, Justin Timberlake, or into emo what other guy can pull off skinny jeans?!  So women take advantage of this and add it to your apparel when wearing menswear!

Fourth:  Skip the tie, add the scarf.  While the tie was cool back when Avril Lavigne sported it.  It now just looks a little bit showy.  Instead, grab a bright-colored scarf and layer it around your neck and into the inside of your jacket! 

Fifth:  Choose an interesting shirt to go underneath!  Button-ups are thought of the standard to wear under a jacket.  If you’re wearing this you are screaming… BORING!  Material, ruffles, patterns, jeweled necklines, and many more types of shirts are out there rather than cotton button-ups! Be a woMAN…branch out!

I’ve given you five simple ways to turn menswear into chic looks for women.  Don’t be afraid to look better in a suit than the guy sitting next you! After all, whoever thought menswear could look so good?!

Reality Chic: Because real people don't wear sparkle pants to Olive Garden!

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