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What’s In or Out Going Into 2010! 

In- Taking your dog to doggy parks.

Out- Carrying your dog in a bag.

In- Cigarette Pants

Out- Smoking them

In- Gladiator Heels

Out- Gladiator Flats

In- Dancing with a DIVA

Out- Acting like one

In- Golfers

Out- Tiger Woods

In- Bragging about your $5.00 shirt

Out- Bragging about your Louis Vuitton Purse

In- Publicity for a show

Out- Publicity for a SHOW (balloon boy)

In- Wendy’s Baconater

Out- Swine Flu

Feel free to add to the list…!


Unless you’re an absolute perfect fashionista, you have probably worn one if not more of these 20 outfits!  Some of these choices make no sense whatsoever while others are hideously still worn everyday around the U.S.  I have stated before that if you can be confident in an outfit, who’s to stop you from wearing it?  So here’s an ode to confidence and all its glory… 

1.  Vests that claim your occupation.  Teach A+

2.  Sandals with socks.  Helping grandpas everywhere be comfortable.

3.  Short shorts with boots. Oxy moron, right?!

4.  Flip flops in winter.  Can’t say I don’t love this!

5.  T-shirts that can date you. Wearing your high school T-shirt might be cool right after you graduate, but 10 years later it might be best to splurge on a new one.

6.  Shoulder pads.  There is nothing like giving yourself bigger and broader shoulders!

7.  Mom jeans.  These will almost definitely never be completely gone!

8.  Mismatched colors worn together.  Apparently it’s the new style. Who said being lazy wouldn’t pay off?!

9.  Mismatched socks.  Because no one ever really knows where the matching one is!

10.  Granny Panties.  After all, they are the most comfortable.

11.  Whitie Tighties.  Enough said?! 

12.  USA apparel.  God Bless America and its flag.

13.  Camoflauge.  Because the deer will never see me, even though I’m standing in line at Wal-Mart.

14.  Speedos.  It’s sad to say, but Europe won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

15.  Airbrushed T-shirts.  So everyone knows exactly where you were on Spring Break ’09!!

16.  Cut off jean shorts.  It’s a hand-made marvel!…ugh…Not so much!

17.  T-shirts with catchy sayings.  These were made for the people who want to feel cool while walking around!

18.  A wreath around your face.  Wait a minute..that’s just Lady GaGa!

19.  Pleather pants.  It’s like that Friends episode with Ross.  Unless you plan on feeling hot and sticky, stand clear!

20. Tennis shoes with khaki pants.  Men???!!!

These all can be labeled as classics; however, this doesn’t mean they are fashionable by any means.  The more you find yourself wearing the items on this list the more you might want to consult a friend in style.  Then again, who am I to bust what people have been wearing for years, right?!

Reality Chic: Because real people don't wear sparkle pants to Olive Garden!

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