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For most of us who can only sing about Christian Louboutin, Gucci, etc., there is creativity involved in looking chic without breaking the bank.  And for those of us who have seen Heidi Montag dress, well… you should know looking cheap doesn’t mean being chic.

5 ways to simply stay chic

1. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn, and stay classy by wearing black and white.  It’s hard to mess up this look .  Dressing in black and white might just leave people wondering how much you spent.

2. Shoes are a budget savior! You can find them everywhere and anywhere for great prices.  Leave your sneakers at home and wear a heel or boot to dinner.

3. Looking so good has never been so easy! Nowadays, thanks to the gloriousness of H&M and Forever 21, you don’t have to pay a fortune to get cute clothes!  These stores will not only guide you in the right direction, but give you a boost toward fashion-forward styles.

4. Layering and pairing, layering and pairing, layering and pairing….need I say it again?!  This is the best advice anyone can give you when it comes to looking effortlessly chic.  Who has money to spend on 3 or 4 expensive items?  Take that one nice jacket that you got for your b-day and pair it with the tank in your closet from Wal-Mart along with a scarf from Target and you’re good to go.

5. Break out of the rut!  It’s easy to get caught up in corporate america or college life, but it’s time to break free people!  You’ll never once see a women’s business suit on a cover reading “TREND ALERT”…unless your watching  CNBC or a presidential debate.  So don’t dress like you’re working or sitting in class 24/7!

Stay Chic, Stay Classy, but most of all Stay Creative!


Did you hear about the new magical make-up?! It takes away wrinkles, pores, neck lines, and any blemishes you may have.  And if you don’t believe it, just look at the model of Lancome Paris Oscillation Power Foundation. A picture can say a thousand words…right?

Make-up at its best can help you have a smoother and more polished look. However, it doesn’t vanish wrinkles, pores, neck lines, or magically make your face inhumane. If you’re looking to get rid of wrinkles (try Botox), hairlessness (try laser hair removal), blemishes (try creams), and pores (try Photoshop).

The fact is these ads for make-up, hair, lip stick, fashion, and etc… are promoting their product which is one thing, but when the product they are promoting shows pictures of models with a blatantly unattainable look no matter how much stuff you slab on your face, hair, or body, it’s a bit ridiculous.  In this article I’m simply choosing to mock Lancome Paris; however, there are many other brands and magazines out their that are doing exactly the same thing.

You may not think it affects you by any means, but we are turning into a society where trying to be more healthy and beautiful hasn’t just become a desire but an obsession.  Honestly, how can you blame people when they are striving for a look they simply will never achieve?!  So next time you see a magazine promoting an ad with perfection as its underlying tagline, look for something else . You’ll be doing yourself a favor.

Although magazines and movies, when shooting an outdoor scene, try to make a picture with two people who just happen to look like models playing in a perfect winter wonderland, realistic.  It’s obviously not that way as most of you already know.  Normally the photo or movie paints a picture of a playful snowball fight that occurs in ultra stylish color coordinated snow apparel.  While this does create a great picture for a magazine or scene for a movie, it is highly unrealistic. 

First and foremost it’s very abnormal to see two models, male and female, jumping around frivolously in the snow.  Second, if one is a male unless its your first date, I’m pretty sure if he has any testosterone at all he’s not aiming to be cute rather than just aiming to hit you as many times as possible with multiple snowballs. Third, snow attire is frankly unflattering! 

Realistically, it’s almost impossible to look good when wearing 8 layers, long johns, nylon overalls with a puff jacket over that, and boots and gloves that don’t color coordinate in any way.  If you look in the mirror and find a snowman staring back at you, then you know you’ve reached the look your going for, that is warmth!  Of course there are ways to add some flavor to your snow outfit such as your colorful winter jacket or those pink boots you bought last year, but it’s doubtful that you chose them thinking about what your appearance will be while already knowing you’ll like look like the Michelin Man attempting to play in the snow in all actuality.   I can however understand the sense of wanting  non realism  in a  movie or a magazine.  After all, what model would want to put on 8 sizes more of clothes.  That would mean she might be a size 8 (Oh No!).  All joking aside, a perfect picture isn’t going to show two regular looking people dressed in Carharts or nylon overalls nailing each other with snowballs.  We’d all probably prefer looking at the other way as well.  Anyhow, I guess what I am trying to say is unless you are standing on a set with photographers (mom and dad not included) no real person cares what anyone looks like when its 30 below and snow is on the ground!  Meanwhile, don’t try being an ice queen or king and enjoy winter!  It’s the one time when someone can say to your face you look huge! And trust me take it as a compliment (because you know that suckers going to be freezing)!  So enjoy winter, act like a kid, and forget about how you look for two seconds. It’s worth it!!

Brooches, patterned belts, and hats should be 3 items that pop into mind when piecing a simple outfit together.  These items can most commonly be found at second hand stores, street vendors, and in your grandmother’s accessories box.

How to wear these items you might ask…well, basically anyway you want… that’s the best part!  A brooch is best when pinned on the outside of a jacket or a sweater. Belts with patterns can create a diversion to accent your best feature. I suggest finding a belt that ties because then it is capable of being worn higher, lower, or anywhere in between. Of course, how could I forget hats?  They are a staple piece that can turn any boring outfit into a statement. The only rule is if you wear it, own it!

Half of fashion is being able to own(be confident) in what you’re wearing.  If a model can walk down the runway wearing sparkle hammer-time pants then you ought to be confident walking the realway wearing almost anything you want!  So next time you’ve done 10 outfit changes and are having a panic attack, look for the simple accessories in life and STOP STRESSING!

When is the last time that you looked at a magazine cover?  The real question is how close did you look at that cover? Have you ever noticed that celebrities and models that are gracing the cover of magazines magically appear without having hair or pores on their body?! Now maybe it’s some right of passage when you cross over into the land of celebrityism…or maybe it’s that every star or models picture on the cover of these magazines are JUST NOT REALISTIC!

I’m not publicizing the fact that magazines should go and explore the world of hairy people then ask them to appear on the cover; I am simply saying that the “real” celebrity/model should be able to appear on a cover still looking beautiful without being AIRBRUSHED into a perfect picture form. 

What boggles my mind is that with all the help that celebrities receive such as top hair and make up artists, stylists, and professional photographers why would anyone need airbrushing??? Who knew that arm hair and pores on your face were suppose to be kept a secret or just out of style! Did they forget that we are all human and do realize that celebrities are too(crazy… I know?!)! As a young girl, how are you NOT suppose to get a complex when these covers paint pictures that aren’t even attainable?!

I hate to break it to the industry, but with all the other media outlets in the wolrd (a.k.a: Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Web Pages, and well of course…Blogs) there is no need for hairless models on covers. We’ve seen the real pictures… they’ve posted them! It’s time to break into the 21st century people: let’s BE REAL not PLASTIC!

Reality Chic: Because real people don't wear sparkle pants to Olive Garden!

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