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In terms of dressing like a man, when you’re a female into fashion it might not be ideal under any circumstances.  Let’s be honest being called butch or manly isn’t something many of us females would take as a compliment.  However, there are ways to be inspired by your guy’s attire that might just change your mind about dressing in menswear (and i’m not talking about striped polo’s or dad jeans). 

The first item up is a tuxedo jacket.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a tuxedo jacket. It could be a variation of a men’s suit jacket. One of the most important things to remember, is even though it is technically called a men’s jacket doesn’t mean it should be taken right out of your guy’s closet.  Buy the tailored or ladies version of this specific look.  Long boyfriend jackets are great; however, don’t wear jackets that are longer than your arm’s length.  They will start to look “cape ish” and cover your figure rather than accentuate it.  These jackets are classic and versatile.  Wear them to work then go out in them!  Simple as that.  They are an easy way to look chic without trying hard at all!

Second:  Every girl should have either a big watch or chunky jewelry!  Men’s watches are very popular right now in women’s sizes.  Try searching for the boyfriend style or even sporty style in a women’s line.  This is a great look that will help you stand out.  It’s a way of adding dimension to your outfit with only putting on one element.  Once again it’s another way of adding a guy sort of edge with a feminine touch.  Simple! 

Third:  Skinny black pants or skinny jeans are great compliments with the previous suggestions.  It adds femininity to menswear therefore separating you from mimicking a complete guys look.  Because lets face it, unless your European, Justin Timberlake, or into emo what other guy can pull off skinny jeans?!  So women take advantage of this and add it to your apparel when wearing menswear!

Fourth:  Skip the tie, add the scarf.  While the tie was cool back when Avril Lavigne sported it.  It now just looks a little bit showy.  Instead, grab a bright-colored scarf and layer it around your neck and into the inside of your jacket! 

Fifth:  Choose an interesting shirt to go underneath!  Button-ups are thought of the standard to wear under a jacket.  If you’re wearing this you are screaming… BORING!  Material, ruffles, patterns, jeweled necklines, and many more types of shirts are out there rather than cotton button-ups! Be a woMAN…branch out!

I’ve given you five simple ways to turn menswear into chic looks for women.  Don’t be afraid to look better in a suit than the guy sitting next you! After all, whoever thought menswear could look so good?!


Reality Chic: Because real people don't wear sparkle pants to Olive Garden!

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