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While surfing  through my every day blogs and magazines on the internet, I started thinking about some of the weird celeb fashion that I’ve recently been looking at on the internet.  It has definitely absorbed a lot of my free time online ( well… that and Facebook), and I know there are many others bored in their jobs or have subscriptions to mags that are equally entertained by these celeb pics. They often read: Who was a hit or miss last night? or Who is on the worst and best dressed list on the red carpet?

However, it has become the job of many reporters to look at what these celebs wear not only on the red carpet but on a daily basis as well.  Even worse than that, many have now started analyzing what celeb’s kids are wearing.  I’m thinking the obsession might have just crossed the line?!  What is more degrading than looking at a celeb kid and realizing you’re never going to afford what Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Suri Cruise, or Paris Hilton’s dog is wearing?  Or should I ask what is more degrading than reporting about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Suri Cruise, or Paris Hilton’s Dog?  And is it kind of embarrassing to be comparing our wardrobe to a 5-year-old or a chiuwuawa? Possibly.

My question I’m asking is do we really care??  Is it that big of deal what Jennifer Aniston wore to the airport or what shoes Suri Cruise went to the playground in?  I think not. 

So I’m offering advice to those like myself and who are surfing the net for some healthy entertainment.  Let’s take control of our lives, skip the Celeb Kids section, and move on to better forms of healthy entertainment like internet games (sarcasm)!


“The Fashion World” is the only place where a size 4 becomes plus size, a decision about shoes can make or break your career, and dressing in velvet leggings is socially acceptable! However, this global industry is far from just having a silent effect. The effect is blatantly shown by the media and in the popularity of current magazines. I can’t say I’ve never read one or haven’t flipped through them while standing in the grocery line. In fact, I love them! This brings me to the realization that the world of fashion and its followers might be in need of a reality check even if it is only for myself. If we all just took a moment to collect the $4.50 spent consistently on our obsession with fashion and celebrities we’d probably save a lot money over a lifetime and a lot of wasted time analyzing if the one shoulder dress is the way to go or maybe just the strapless with the sweetheart neck. Either way we buy into it, and we probably aren’t going to stop anytime soon! So why is it that this cultural phenomenon has become the obsession of so many teens and adults around the world? Good question, and I don’t know the exact answer. However, rather than answering the question, it might be best to figure out how to engage in a possible proper healthy relationship with this so-called media frenzy. I believe it is best to give myself and fellow fashion followers a needed reality check or should I say chic(okay, so it’s a bad a joke).

Anyhow, clothes were originally worn to bring covering to the body and for warmth, but I haven’t read anything that states that clothes were originally only for high-class fashionistas or the 10 best and worst dressed list.  Also, we need to remember that fashion is an expression of our personal style.  It’s not like the industry is curing cancer or solving world hunger. Of course, we all want to look our best. It’s a natural instinct; however, when we start trying to look our best just to impress others or because it’s what the “magazines” say is cool we’ve completely lost ourselves.  When all is said and done I think it’s best we step away from the magazine rack, take a deep breath in, and remember CLOTHES are really just CLOTHES!

When is the last time that you looked at a magazine cover?  The real question is how close did you look at that cover? Have you ever noticed that celebrities and models that are gracing the cover of magazines magically appear without having hair or pores on their body?! Now maybe it’s some right of passage when you cross over into the land of celebrityism…or maybe it’s that every star or models picture on the cover of these magazines are JUST NOT REALISTIC!

I’m not publicizing the fact that magazines should go and explore the world of hairy people then ask them to appear on the cover; I am simply saying that the “real” celebrity/model should be able to appear on a cover still looking beautiful without being AIRBRUSHED into a perfect picture form. 

What boggles my mind is that with all the help that celebrities receive such as top hair and make up artists, stylists, and professional photographers why would anyone need airbrushing??? Who knew that arm hair and pores on your face were suppose to be kept a secret or just out of style! Did they forget that we are all human and do realize that celebrities are too(crazy… I know?!)! As a young girl, how are you NOT suppose to get a complex when these covers paint pictures that aren’t even attainable?!

I hate to break it to the industry, but with all the other media outlets in the wolrd (a.k.a: Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Web Pages, and well of course…Blogs) there is no need for hairless models on covers. We’ve seen the real pictures… they’ve posted them! It’s time to break into the 21st century people: let’s BE REAL not PLASTIC!

Reality Chic: Because real people don't wear sparkle pants to Olive Garden!

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