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Many of us have worn something whether it be to an event or in our past that hasn’t exactly been ideal.  As for people in the fashion world this kind of thing also happens even with publicists, make-up artists, hair stylists, and stylists. So in all actuality we really shouldn’t feel so bad seeming how “real” people have none of these advisors.  If we’re lucky we have an honest friend, a blunt sister, or a good sales consultant who can let us know if we look absolutely ridiculous.  This brings me to the gut of this article. 

When Is It Socially Acceptable to…

wear a mustache?  While mustaches have definitely NOT made a comeback, if you are under the age of 30 and rocking a stache please step forward and receive the award for creeper of the year ( because there is no other reason for growing one).  There are plenty of ways to get around this once cool trend. Don’t discriminate the rest of your face. Spread the love of facial hair somewhere other than just under your nose! 

wear leggings as pants?  Well…how many times is it appropriate to wear just your underwear outside?  Never…exactly!

wear statement pieces?  Always!  However, anytime you wear a statement necklace don’t wear earings or wear very small ones. Vice versa for statement earings.

Fur? If it’s real you might want to hide from PETA!  If during hunting season you might want to stand clear of the woods! Otherwise wear fake fur only in small doses!

wear a sequined dress?  Only at a big event such as a new years party, prom, or something similar can you wear a full-out sequined dress.  No weddings (you’re not the one deserving attention)! Definitely not a company or low-key party.  Sequined dresses are meant only for flashy events!

wear dark lipstick?  This look is automatically going to be dramatic so don’t try this during the daylight hours; you’ll end up with a look that’s frightening otherwise!

wear the same thing more than once?  Unless you can afford to buy new clothes all the time….how can you not?!

wear harem pants?  Only if you’re M.C. Hammer, and I’m not sure that makes it right?!

wear a jump suit?  If you are a mechanic!

look like crap? In your own home! Cherish these times my friends!

So when going out ask yourself a question:   Is this appropriate in 2009?

                                                                                           A. No, I look like a creeper.

                                                                                           B. Maybe on the runway?

                                                                                           C. I could definitely wear this to Olive Garden!


Have you ever been in the mood to shop, but don’t want to take your 5 winter layers off just to try on something?  I have the perfect solution!  Shoes…shoes…shoes!  There are multiple reasons shoes rock my socks off…literally.

My first reason is that you can eat whatever you want at the food court, and they still fit!  That’s right, bring on the Chinese food!  The second is that you need them for every occasion including sports.  I don’t know about you, but for me that’s a good enough reason to buy any day. Third, it’s one fashion item that can actually drag your guy to the mall, so take full advantage of this situation ladies!  Lastly, there are entire stores solely (get it?) dedicated to the shoe. I know it’s a lame joke; however, it’s true. 

Unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw (for those men out there, this is no relation to Terry Bradshaw) looking for Manolo Blahnik’s you might be wondering how to find shoes on a budget? Simple.  Always go to the clearance rack first! It’s often that we head directly into the store and start looking. Your first rule of thumb should be going to the sale rack because you never know what you’ll find. It’s often hit and miss due to the sizes and lack of inventory, but many times the hit is more than the miss, and you’ll leave with an awesome deal!  Another trick of the trade is figuring out what you already have and adding to it. An example of this would be if you already have a boot, instead of buying another one in a different color, try buying a flat. Like I mentioned earlier, your feet normally stop growing, so unless you’re 11 years old going through puberty (ugh..I hate that word) you might want to diversify your shoes.  Remember when buying shoes, you must try them on first!!  The worst thing is buying a pair and only wearing them once due to the fact they make your feet bleed.  Avoid bleeding feet at all time!  Also when shopping for shoes online, look for stores that offer free shipping and reviews. Many outlet shops are also great for finding bargains.  If you’re out there and haven’t yet found the right shoe don’t be discouraged!  Like they say if the shoe doesn’t fit, keep looking. (Okay… so maybe the phrase has been altered a little!)

Brooches, patterned belts, and hats should be 3 items that pop into mind when piecing a simple outfit together.  These items can most commonly be found at second hand stores, street vendors, and in your grandmother’s accessories box.

How to wear these items you might ask…well, basically anyway you want… that’s the best part!  A brooch is best when pinned on the outside of a jacket or a sweater. Belts with patterns can create a diversion to accent your best feature. I suggest finding a belt that ties because then it is capable of being worn higher, lower, or anywhere in between. Of course, how could I forget hats?  They are a staple piece that can turn any boring outfit into a statement. The only rule is if you wear it, own it!

Half of fashion is being able to own(be confident) in what you’re wearing.  If a model can walk down the runway wearing sparkle hammer-time pants then you ought to be confident walking the realway wearing almost anything you want!  So next time you’ve done 10 outfit changes and are having a panic attack, look for the simple accessories in life and STOP STRESSING!

Reality Chic: Because real people don't wear sparkle pants to Olive Garden!

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