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Unless you’re an absolute perfect fashionista, you have probably worn one if not more of these 20 outfits!  Some of these choices make no sense whatsoever while others are hideously still worn everyday around the U.S.  I have stated before that if you can be confident in an outfit, who’s to stop you from wearing it?  So here’s an ode to confidence and all its glory… 

1.  Vests that claim your occupation.  Teach A+

2.  Sandals with socks.  Helping grandpas everywhere be comfortable.

3.  Short shorts with boots. Oxy moron, right?!

4.  Flip flops in winter.  Can’t say I don’t love this!

5.  T-shirts that can date you. Wearing your high school T-shirt might be cool right after you graduate, but 10 years later it might be best to splurge on a new one.

6.  Shoulder pads.  There is nothing like giving yourself bigger and broader shoulders!

7.  Mom jeans.  These will almost definitely never be completely gone!

8.  Mismatched colors worn together.  Apparently it’s the new style. Who said being lazy wouldn’t pay off?!

9.  Mismatched socks.  Because no one ever really knows where the matching one is!

10.  Granny Panties.  After all, they are the most comfortable.

11.  Whitie Tighties.  Enough said?! 

12.  USA apparel.  God Bless America and its flag.

13.  Camoflauge.  Because the deer will never see me, even though I’m standing in line at Wal-Mart.

14.  Speedos.  It’s sad to say, but Europe won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

15.  Airbrushed T-shirts.  So everyone knows exactly where you were on Spring Break ’09!!

16.  Cut off jean shorts.  It’s a hand-made marvel!…ugh…Not so much!

17.  T-shirts with catchy sayings.  These were made for the people who want to feel cool while walking around!

18.  A wreath around your face.  Wait a minute..that’s just Lady GaGa!

19.  Pleather pants.  It’s like that Friends episode with Ross.  Unless you plan on feeling hot and sticky, stand clear!

20. Tennis shoes with khaki pants.  Men???!!!

These all can be labeled as classics; however, this doesn’t mean they are fashionable by any means.  The more you find yourself wearing the items on this list the more you might want to consult a friend in style.  Then again, who am I to bust what people have been wearing for years, right?!


Bundling up this winter doesn’t mean having to look like a snowman undercover. There are some classic Do’s and Don’ts you can follow to not only look your best, but to stop that winter breeze from keeping you in the house!  Whether you’re heading to class, work, or just stepping out for a while, check out these simple tips! 

Do’s:  Bright colored rain boots with long socks underneath! It’s perfect for wearing on a snowy day.

Don’ts:  Stilettos or flats!  Unless you want soggy shoes and socks, kick the heels to the curb for a night and stick with realism.

Do’s:  Knitted scarves wrapped twice around your neck!  This look will keep you in style, and stop your nose and face from looking like Rudolph!

Don’ts:  Light weight scarves are only good for “winter” magazine covers.  If you’re cold, a light weight scarf won’t save you!

Do’s:  Fingerless mittens are divine!!  Not only can you scratch that itch on your nose, but you can also avoid static from touching your hair. Use your coat pockets if the tips of your fingers become cold!

Don’ts:  If all you can find are mismatched mittens from the year 2000, wear them on the way to the store!  They are only $2, so go ahead and splurge…you can do it!

Do’s:  Trapper hats and knit toboggans are classic ways of keeping that head of yours warm. Choose fun designs and you’re bound to look good!

Don’ts:  Face masks.  Unless your involved in a winter sport, skip out on the  face mask. You’ll look like a creeper!

Plus, if you’re not lucky enough to go visit the grandparents in Florida and are stuck enduring the cold winter,  I suggest researching fun ways to stay warm! 

If you have a DO or DON’T for this winter, let me know!  The more ways there are to stay warm the merrier we all might be!

Have you ever been in the mood to shop, but don’t want to take your 5 winter layers off just to try on something?  I have the perfect solution!  Shoes…shoes…shoes!  There are multiple reasons shoes rock my socks off…literally.

My first reason is that you can eat whatever you want at the food court, and they still fit!  That’s right, bring on the Chinese food!  The second is that you need them for every occasion including sports.  I don’t know about you, but for me that’s a good enough reason to buy any day. Third, it’s one fashion item that can actually drag your guy to the mall, so take full advantage of this situation ladies!  Lastly, there are entire stores solely (get it?) dedicated to the shoe. I know it’s a lame joke; however, it’s true. 

Unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw (for those men out there, this is no relation to Terry Bradshaw) looking for Manolo Blahnik’s you might be wondering how to find shoes on a budget? Simple.  Always go to the clearance rack first! It’s often that we head directly into the store and start looking. Your first rule of thumb should be going to the sale rack because you never know what you’ll find. It’s often hit and miss due to the sizes and lack of inventory, but many times the hit is more than the miss, and you’ll leave with an awesome deal!  Another trick of the trade is figuring out what you already have and adding to it. An example of this would be if you already have a boot, instead of buying another one in a different color, try buying a flat. Like I mentioned earlier, your feet normally stop growing, so unless you’re 11 years old going through puberty (ugh..I hate that word) you might want to diversify your shoes.  Remember when buying shoes, you must try them on first!!  The worst thing is buying a pair and only wearing them once due to the fact they make your feet bleed.  Avoid bleeding feet at all time!  Also when shopping for shoes online, look for stores that offer free shipping and reviews. Many outlet shops are also great for finding bargains.  If you’re out there and haven’t yet found the right shoe don’t be discouraged!  Like they say if the shoe doesn’t fit, keep looking. (Okay… so maybe the phrase has been altered a little!)

It has recently been brought to my attention that while many people wear whatever they want, others are stuck in a bit of a rut.  Part of this could be due to the fact that many have been put in a fashion box and need to break out of it!  I’ve noticed in recent fashion articles where body figures have been dubbed “names” so that you can be aware of what type of shape you are.  However, if it wasn’t already depressing enough not to have the “perfect body” being compared to a fruit has added an all new low.  Pear, apple, and even boyish are all names that have been recently used to describe how your figure looks.  I can’t speak for others but being compared to a pear or even a boy isn’t exactly how I would personally like to be described.  As long as you understand what looks best on you there is no need to call yourself an “apple” shape.  I’m here to give 4 simple tips on how to step out of the box and into your clothes without looking like a fruit.

Step 1:  First and foremost it is important to know what is in your closet (and this doesn’t mean your past).  If you have 10 items that are black, it might be time to change-up the color.  If all your jeans are one particular cut then you should start looking for another.  These are all things that everyone can change-up from time to time. Having just one idea for an outfit is like only showing one side of yourself.  We all know,women especially, have many different aspects such as being a  career woman, mom,college student, or athlete.  There is not one particular thing that can define us,  so why let one outfit define who you are! 

Step 2:  Don’t be afraid to look HOT!  As cheesy as this sounds, there are so many women that need to pump up the volume while there are many others that need to tone it down.  You don’t have to be a hooch (you all know what I mean) to pull off this look.  There are many ways to look modest yet still have a little spice.  A great way of doing this is adding an animal print to a shoe or cardigan; however, this doesn’t mean dressing head to toe in animal print.  Although the term “Cougar” and “Puma” are currently in, it doesn’t mean you should mimic one.  Another subtle way to add a little flavor would be a sequined vest paired with a solid color top or a sequined top paired with a solid color jacket.  All of these things can be done with a small touch.  Just remember you want to look hot, not a hot mess!

Step 3:  Invest in some good sweatpants!  If you don’t enjoy wearing sweatpants, I’m probably not the blogger for you.  They are only the most comfortable pant ever made, great when eating too much, and ideal for working out in, but this is no excuse to have lousy ones.  If you are going to be seen (meaning out of the house unless you’re in college) I suggest investing in well-made sweatpants.  Not only will they last longer, but you can also wear them to run errands in without being stared at.  And who said style couldn’t be comfortable?!

Step 4:  Don’t fool yourself!  Like I said earlier many are afraid to step out of the comfort box.  Just because you don’t think you can wear something shouldn’t prohibit you from at least trying it on.  Jeans are a good example of this.  The most unflattering jeans often are with bulging pockets, super low or high cuts, and baggy fittings.  The basic styles like boot cut, straight, curvy, skinny, or boyfriend are open to most sizes.  So rather than being concerned with the style, look first at the detail and shape.  It’s a matter of finding the look you are going for and then trying the on the jean.  Knowing you don’t have curves should eliminate all curvy styles due to the fact you won’t fill them out.  If you are curvy but still want the skinny jean, look for the curvy fit.  There are many options and this is part of the reason why jeans are so complicated.  Keep an open-mind and you’ll be destined to find the right fit for you!

These 4 steps will open the box and hopefully allow you to step out.  Finding your own style and fit is a matter of playing around with what you already know you like and adding some new elements.  If you are willing to change one thing, why not go even farther?  So rather than just stepping out of the box, why not jump?!

Oh the holidays! The time when Christmas songs are played repetitively, shopping becomes not just a hobby but a sport, and holiday sweaters and pins emerge from the closets. Decorating your house, putting lights up outside, and even wearing more red are all appropriate rites of passage for the holiday; however, when you start decorating yourself in Christmas spirit you might be crossing the line. Even Mrs. Claus doesn’t approve of pinning a Santa broach on a reindeer sweater. In light of the upcoming holidays, I’ve come up with the top 4 things not to find yourself wearing this Christmas:

1. A sexy Santa Claus coat. Unless you’re Heidi Klum at the Victoria Secret fashion show, DON’T TRY PULLING THIS LOOK OFF!

2. A Rudolph broach thats nose lights up. If you are not guiding Santa’s sleigh, there is no need for such a thing. I wish I could say I haven’t seen it, but I’d be lying. 

3. A Santa sweater. We all love Santa but declaring it on our sweaters doesn’t make it right.

4. Snowman earrings. Unless you’re of age (this meaning 75 years) you might want to reconsider. 

 I love Christmas; in fact, it’s my favorite holiday so please don’t take me as a “Fashion Scrooge.” Instead of wearing these items, there are multiple ways to still dress for the holiday season. Try wearing solid colors such as gold, red, silver, or green. Another way to channel your festive spirit would be in hats and socks! So as the holiday season approaches I bid you my best wish:  May the Christmas spirit reign within you, just not on you!

The time when flowers rule your life, friends become cut (due to lack of seating), and money slowly starts disappearing. It’s the glorious event known as your wedding! Along with this comes stress, happiness, anger, and nerves medically known as bipolar, others describe it as the bridal meltdown. One of many situations calls for you to choose not only your long and faithful friends known as your bridesmaids, but also a dress for everyone to wear.

That’s right you’ve suddenly become a stylist as well as a bride! While fashion or styling might not be your thing it is still something that you have to do when choosing a bridal party, this is unless you happen to be marrying a metro sexual. Which in that case I suggest having him take over! The task can be overwhelming, and frankly just not fun! How are you suppose to please all your friends at once when everyone has their own opinion and personal style?! 

Tip of the Day: Prom is not the cousin of the bridesmaid dress. Fru-fru and neon colors should be avoided at all times!

When choosing a bridesmaids dress remember not everyone is built the same! If you have two girls that are completely opposite shapes rather than forcing both of them into the same dress, let them have two choices in the same color.  Another way to avoid this situation would be choosing a simplistic style dress such as an A-line wrap around or separates (skirt and top) that most everyone would look good in. Dressing up a simple style can be done by adding a sash or bright-colored flowers. Many bridal stores give discounts to those who buy all their bridemaids dresses at the same place they buy their gown. This can help in saving some money for your maids…after all they will only be wearing their dress for approximately 7 hrs.   

No matter how beautiful your choice of a bridesmaid dress is  THEY WILL NOT CUT THE DRESS OFF AND WEAR IT AGAIN, so don’t fret about it! It’s not often that this is done because unless you live in the movies and have fancy parties to go to on a regular basis there isn’t many other places you can wear a semi-formal dress. Also, many people avoid going to tailors because stores are often more convenient.

Tea-length dresses are cute and in style; however, if your choice is a tea-length dress it leaves your bridesmaids with one more purchase that must be made, SHOES!  Take into consideration the difficulty of finding a store where everyone can buy matching shoes. Is it worth it to add another bullet point to your list? If so, I suggest finding a department or bridal store nationwide so every maid can get there as easy as possible without having to rely on your support!  

Also, your friends are not made of gold! So don’t forget that even though it’s your day they are technically paying a price for it. Don’t be mistaken your bridesmaids will support you and buy whatever it is you choose, but also don’t be naive to think they won’t talk about it behind your back!

Instead of stressing yourself out and turning into brideszilla remember it’s your day and your friends.  If you’ve chosen the right ones they would probably wear a green sack down the aisle just to support you and if not…well there are always replacements!

A majority of people buy houses and cars, two major items that have both most likely been USED. If when buying these items you don’t think twice about them having been used before, what’s the problem in buying used clothes?! Just like buying a house or a car as long as they are in good condition, what’s the difference? Buying your clothes at a consignment shop is a great way to get your bang for your buck and save on things a little more important in life such as New Moon tickets!

My challenge of the day was to go into a local consignment shop and find an entire outfit for $35 dollars or under.  Who honestly wouldn’t want that?! After stepping into the store, I suddenly found myself excited at the idea of this challenge and the fact that I had an excuse to shop without having my husband being disappointed that I spent another $35 dollars on clothes. This should also be known as my best idea yet, and I’d advise you to use it as well! I was determined to find not only a shirt and pant, but the whole shebang (and yes i just said shebang). Top, pant, jewelry, purse, and shoes for all under $35 dollars would be a hard thing to do. In all honestly, I actually thought I would end up writing about something else due to the fact that I wasn’t sure it could be done. To my surprise I not only found out that it could be accomplished, but that the clothes were actually cute, stylish, and in great condition. You must be thinking that the clothes are from low-end stores and are pretty basic. Wrong!

First item up: I chose a silver silk non-fitted sleeveless shirt with a built in rhinestone neck that ties in the back by F.A.N.G for a total of $9.00! It can be worn with basically any type of pant; however, it would be best as a date top or going to work shirt!

Second item: A black boot leg stretch pant that would be perfect for going to work or to a more upscale event. The pant was from The Limited for a whopping $9.00. Can’t beat it!

Third item: This item is by far my favorite of the day! A pair of Miss Me purple heeled ankle boots for $11.00!! Colored shoes can help uplift any outfit and at this price it just uplifted my day!

Fourth item: I found a purple gel beaded bangel to accent the shoes for $2.00! I don’t know what store it is originally from but any accessory for just $2.00 is worth buying.

Fifth and final item: My final purchase was a purple clutch which ties the whole outfit together. Clutches are a necessity! Who wants to carry around a purse all day? As much as I would like fanny packs to come back in style for convenience purposes they too should probably stay locked in the vault. Clutches are a great way to just throw in the items that you need and walk on out the door with out lugging around a giant bag that could fit in a small child.

There ya have it 5 items (an entire outfit) for exactly $35 dollars. Who would of thought?! I wish I could write about how it was a hard grueling task, but it wasn’t. It was easy! In fact, it was so easy that I spent another $35 dollars on a headband, blue dress, scarf, and winter coat! Shh… keep it on the down low I would like to be able to shop again in my lifetime! Anyhow, what I’m trying to tell you is that next time you’re  under a budget and need to find some clothes, go to your local consignment shop. YOU JUST MIGHT BE SURPRISED!!

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