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Is this how we’re cutting back due to the recession…no buttons on our shirts? Or is this just another terrible trend? It wasn’t that long ago when undergarments were just undergarments. You know…worn under your clothes! What’s next…underwear outside of the pants?

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Man cleavage?  How do we really feel about this upcoming trend for the men. I mean I’m pretty sure we can all agree “man boobs” are not so cool nor will they ever….ever…ever.. be!  This trend of men unbuttoning their top two buttons without a shirt underneath or deep cut v-necks revealing the oh so or not so muscular chest of certain men might be a trend that needs to be stopped?

While I wouldn’t mind seeing Mathew McConaughey’s man cleavage (after all we’ve seen him with his shirt off about a million times).  I’m not so sure how I feel about seeing anyone elses.  Is this a trend we really want to pass on to the men in our lives:  uncles, dads, grandpas, and those with so-called “man boobs”?  I think not! Well…actually I know NOT! 

 It’s not often that I have to say this, but it would be highly depressing and degrading to see a man have more cleavage than myself. Right ladies?  So as much as deep cut v-necks and unbuttoning button ups are in right now.  Let’s put a stop to this so-called trend for men.  And for those of you men out there who won’t stop…my advice to you is subtlety. Do we really need more people showing off their cleavage in the world…even if it is coming from a man?!! You make the call, but i’m going to say NO!

There have been multiple reports of ladies not balancing out their outfits.  Wearing only professional business-like apparel (Hillary Clinton) or wearing only show-stopping numbers (Heidi Montag) are not two choices that any woman has to make when going to an everyday event.  There are 3 ways to take advice from a mullet and combine the best of both worlds!

If you are like me, your ultimate problem for choosing an outfit is deciding between the two spectrums of your wardrobe…the going out side versus the professional side.  I’ve wondered about how to combine the best of both worlds without looking like a Boring Bonnie or Heather Hooker for quite some time now.  It’s often you find yourself trying to look somewhere in between these polar opposites or let’s at least hope so.

There are 3 easy ways to add some flavor into your everyday apparel:  Sparkle, Pearls, Satin!

If you have a cute outfit in mind but it’s a little dull, a great way to add some flavor is a sparkly accessory.  Don’t go all Mariah Carey on me, but one sequined bag or glittery bracelet will be just enough to glam up your outfit!

Second, while I’m a fan of classic pearls there is a better way to make an outfit outshine the simple look.  Pearls are popular right now so they are very easy to find.  Try looking for long pearl necklaces that can be draped around your neck twice.  This can make any black sophisticated look up the ante!

Satin material does wonders for making pants and shirts look like pricey items.  Satin gives enough shine to an outfit and can be worn basically anytime of day.  Luckily this trend is in, so next time you’re shopping, look for a satin pant or cropped style.  Dress it up at night with a red-hot flowing shirt or dress it down during the day with some flats and a white tee.  It’s a great material that can bring your outfit to life!

Try using one of these 3 tips next time you’re going out on the town for a day and see if it helps!  So last but not least I’ll leave you with the one question that threw me for a loop…Who would of thought Billy Ray Cyrus’s hair would ever give inspiration to anything?!  Some might say it’s a gift from one of life’s little wonders and others might say we’re just lucky to have gotten anything from that era! 

Warning:  This message is in no way, shape, or form promoting the wearing of a mullet!

If it hasn’t been said already, it should!  The title isn’t talking about what new trend is in and how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe. I’m talking about trends that shouldn’t be trendy! While trends can keep you looking stylish for a short period of time, it can also bite you in the butt!!  Two things that drive me crazy are when you buy an outfit and two weeks later it comes out in the magazines that it’s suddenly out of style. Also, how about when the fashion industry tries to make a style that is absolutely hideous, popular!  We rely on the industry to supposedly help us look like stars, not fools! Is it really worth it to be a trend setter?!

The fall fashion “trends” were all over magazines this year. What to wear? How to wear it? Where to wear it to? All of these questions were answered for us in a timely manner. The question that seemed to be missing was “Who would wear this?” and “Why?”  We’ve all been there following these trends. I mean isn’t that how the 80s were created?! Remember denim overall’s with the one button unsnapped. OH YEA, we looked good!  Half of the time trends are forced. They become ridiculous outfits that are supposed to be “in style” and wearable; however, no “real” person in their right mind would ever be caught wearing some of these so-called trends.

Some of this years hottest fall/winter looks have been declared: velvet, one-arm look, and lace. However, the best one I’ve seen yet happens to be wearing a sweatshirt with heels…really…seriously..come on!  Although velvet might be nice to touch, if it looks tacky on your couch it’s probably going to look tacky on you! Plus, since when is it stylish to start looking like Hugh Hefner? Count on this to be one look you might regret.  As for the one-arm look, when exactly do you wear this, spring or winter? If one arm is fully covered, isn’t the other one cold?  This is one piece that may be making the wrong statment!  Lace, although it’s a way to look classic on your wedding day, it’s not so hot for every day wear despite as awesome as it is to look like you’re wearing a doily or table cloth! I highly suggest keeping the lace jumpers and leggings in the stores. This has mistake written all over it. Last but not least, a sweatshirt with heels?!  It completely defeats the purpose of a sweatshirt! If I wanted to look stylish, I’d find a cute shirt to go with hot heels and if I want to bum it, I’m going to wear a sweatshirt with tennis shoes. Combining both worlds is not only unrealistic, but it’s just not right!

Not to be Debbie Downer, there are some great trends out there such as statement necklaces, skinny jeans, flat boots, and flannel button-ups.  My advice to bid you all farewell is…CHOOSE WISELY!  I’d hate for another decade to go by until we all realize…maybe that wasn’t the right look?!

Reality Chic: Because real people don't wear sparkle pants to Olive Garden!

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