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“Free jeans for everyone!!”  It’s a phrase all women would love to hear and only those in the Oprah audience experience.  For the rest of the other  million women out there free jeans will just have to wait.  Jeans are the one article of clothing that seem to get the most questions and stand as the ultimate mystery piece that will continue to befuddle ( yes, befuddle is an official word now) women every”wear”.  I might not be able to solve the problem of finding the perfect jean for every body type, but I am hopefully going to help solve some jean mysteries that will make shopping for them a heck of lot easier! 

I will first start off by saying the only jeans that you can wash multiple times and miraculously stay the same size are designer jeans!  The price is normally anywhere from $150 – $300; however, it is an investment worth  making.  Designer examples:  7 for all Mankind, William Rast, CJ by Cookie Johnson, and True Religion.

Stay away from bulging pockets, pleats, or anything that has an extra layer to a jean.  Pockets with flaps can often make you look bigger without you even realizing it. A great article to check out is:

It explains what makes your butt look good in a jean!!

Understand the rises of the jean. Mid-rise are the absolute best for covering the problem area also known as the stomach.  Avoid low-rise especially if your stomach is your problem area.  High-waisted jeans should be worn with a caution sticker attached.  We’ve all seen the seen the Jessica Simpson photos that infamously claimed she looked large.  She looked large because she was wearing TERRIBLE jeans!  High-waisted jeans only look good on tiny waisted people, and if you have big boobs you should avoid them at all times.  You’ll look as if you have no torso which is quite frankly unflattering! 

Color is another important factor in the jean world.  Dark denim is often more flattering to the figure than a lighter wash.

The best style for majority of women is normally a boot-cut.  However, skinny jeans are great for showing off your legs or for tucking them into boots!  Flare and Wide Leg are another way to make a statement and can accentuate your shoes rather than your thighs.

If feeling frustrated and flustered when shopping for a jean, there is no better time to break through the misery and discover your perfect jean!  Just a friendly reminder…don’t let the  jean tackle you…go out and tackle the jean!


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