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Wearing the same go-to outfit for every event can get tiring! A belt can literally change your entire look. It will draw everyone’s eyes from the same black turtleneck you’ve worn for 2 years to your new brightly colored or detailed belt.

Best part about it…they are CHEAP! Rather than spending your money on a shirt you might wear once, buy a belt you can wear multiple ways, multiple times.

Not only can a belt change a look. It can accentuate your shape.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Need curves? Cinch the belt at the smallest part of your waist which will give you the effect of an hour-glass shape. Want to draw attention to the bust? Cinch the belt right below your chest. Want to make your legs look longer? A pair of heels and a belt will do the trick.
So next time…Buckle it, Belt it, and Wear it!


You might recall these two brands: L.L Bean and Lands End. However, what comes to mind when recalling these brands is somewhat boring! Known for their well-made New England style clothes and catalogs, they are also known for those not so stylish pleated khakis, fleeces, and turtle necks your parents have been wearing for over a decade,  which isn’t all that appealing to someone in their 20s, right?

Lands End, though, has recently launched their new line Canvas, mainly aimed at what I’d like to call the Inbetweeners. Definition of Inbetweeners:  they are left inbetween the fuzzy reality of the “real world” and “college life,” not wanting to dress like adults, but don’t want to look like teenagers anymore either. Canvas has reasonable prices for the quality of Lands End, yet has the ‘oh so chic’ style of laid back and sophisticated (a little J.Crewish without the high prices). L.L. Bean is planning to launch their new signature line for the Inbetweeners in March.

American Eagle at ShopStyle
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Although the lines are somewhat limited on selection, it might just be worth checking out! A little preppy, but comfy at the same time. Dressing like an adult might not be so bad after all! Let me know what you think of the new line!!

Is this how we’re cutting back due to the recession…no buttons on our shirts? Or is this just another terrible trend? It wasn’t that long ago when undergarments were just undergarments. You know…worn under your clothes! What’s next…underwear outside of the pants?

IT’S YOUR TURN TO COMMENT…Let me know what you think of the VISIBLE BRA??

Men, this article probably isn’t for you… well, unless you wear a manzierre?!  Ladies let’s be real!  There are certain things that only a true friend will tell you.  So today I’m going to take the time to express my love for all my girl readers out there and be a true friend by telling you what many of yours won’t. 

First and foremost…underwear lines!  This isn’t cool no matter what size you are, and there is no excuse for it either!  Whether you are a 2 or a 20, no one wants to see what type of underwear or the outline along your buttocks!  As embarrassing as this is to tell someone, it might be a necessity if it’s happened more than once.  It’s not the prettiest site, and it’s awkward when you can see the whole outline of someone you’ve only known for 10 seconds.  Don’t act like the guys don’t notice, and don’t act like the girls don’t talk about it.  It’s one faux pas that can be nipped in the butt, literally!  The way to get rid of this growing epidemic (so maybe that’s a little overstated) is to wear under garments that do not show lines.  Choose wisely. If thongs aren’t for you, there is shape wear such as Spanx or non-brand names out there.  Also, often boy shorts work out!  There is a time and place for comfortable lined underwear, but when wearing pants that are tighter, this isn’t it!

Next, a bra that pinches your fat on the side is not only a sad sight, but also has to be extremely uncomfortable.  If you’ve watched Oprah you probably know about her bra intervention show; however, it is still reported today that over 80 percent of people (well..let’s hope just ladies) are wearing the wrong size.  Having four boobs or a uni-boob isn’t justifiably cool on anyone!  So to help a friend in need I am going to teach you how to measure for your bra size.  It’s really easy and will only take about 1 minute!  First, get out a tape measure.  Second, wrap the tape measure around right above your chest.  Make sure it’s parallel to the ground.  How many inches the tape measure says is how big your band size is such as 32, 34, ect… Third, wrap the tape measure right over top your unpadded bra.  How many inches the tape measure reads above your band size explains the cup size. For example: 32 inches is your  measurement for your band size, but then you measure a 34 around the top of your bra.  Since the 34 is 2 inches above your band size, your cup size is a B.   A= 1 inch above, B= 2 inches above, and C= 3 inches above…etc.  This is a simple way of measuring for the right size.  If worse comes to worse just ask someone at a department store or specialty store to measure you.  Just remember this isn’t church, so don’t let your cup runneth over!

The last faux pas is one that is affecting many girls today.  If you have to ask yourself whether you’re wearing a shirt or a dress, trust me it’s a shirt.  Unless you’re in Hollywood (even then it’s not okay)  you’re not going to get by without either getting snide looks, creepy guys, or being asked to put some pants on!  Ask your friend before you go out on the town, and if it’s during the day you shouldn’t even have to ask because you should know better.  Like mom always said if your hand goes past your shorts you probably shouldn’t be wearing them…and I’m only talking about the shirt!

So to wrap this up there are 3 rules to live by:  no visible panty lines, find the right bra size, and if the dress isn’t long enough wear it as a shirt.  People say rules are meant to be broken.  Well… NOT THESE!!

Unless you’re an absolute perfect fashionista, you have probably worn one if not more of these 20 outfits!  Some of these choices make no sense whatsoever while others are hideously still worn everyday around the U.S.  I have stated before that if you can be confident in an outfit, who’s to stop you from wearing it?  So here’s an ode to confidence and all its glory… 

1.  Vests that claim your occupation.  Teach A+

2.  Sandals with socks.  Helping grandpas everywhere be comfortable.

3.  Short shorts with boots. Oxy moron, right?!

4.  Flip flops in winter.  Can’t say I don’t love this!

5.  T-shirts that can date you. Wearing your high school T-shirt might be cool right after you graduate, but 10 years later it might be best to splurge on a new one.

6.  Shoulder pads.  There is nothing like giving yourself bigger and broader shoulders!

7.  Mom jeans.  These will almost definitely never be completely gone!

8.  Mismatched colors worn together.  Apparently it’s the new style. Who said being lazy wouldn’t pay off?!

9.  Mismatched socks.  Because no one ever really knows where the matching one is!

10.  Granny Panties.  After all, they are the most comfortable.

11.  Whitie Tighties.  Enough said?! 

12.  USA apparel.  God Bless America and its flag.

13.  Camoflauge.  Because the deer will never see me, even though I’m standing in line at Wal-Mart.

14.  Speedos.  It’s sad to say, but Europe won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

15.  Airbrushed T-shirts.  So everyone knows exactly where you were on Spring Break ’09!!

16.  Cut off jean shorts.  It’s a hand-made marvel!…ugh…Not so much!

17.  T-shirts with catchy sayings.  These were made for the people who want to feel cool while walking around!

18.  A wreath around your face.  Wait a minute..that’s just Lady GaGa!

19.  Pleather pants.  It’s like that Friends episode with Ross.  Unless you plan on feeling hot and sticky, stand clear!

20. Tennis shoes with khaki pants.  Men???!!!

These all can be labeled as classics; however, this doesn’t mean they are fashionable by any means.  The more you find yourself wearing the items on this list the more you might want to consult a friend in style.  Then again, who am I to bust what people have been wearing for years, right?!

If it hasn’t been said already, it should!  The title isn’t talking about what new trend is in and how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe. I’m talking about trends that shouldn’t be trendy! While trends can keep you looking stylish for a short period of time, it can also bite you in the butt!!  Two things that drive me crazy are when you buy an outfit and two weeks later it comes out in the magazines that it’s suddenly out of style. Also, how about when the fashion industry tries to make a style that is absolutely hideous, popular!  We rely on the industry to supposedly help us look like stars, not fools! Is it really worth it to be a trend setter?!

The fall fashion “trends” were all over magazines this year. What to wear? How to wear it? Where to wear it to? All of these questions were answered for us in a timely manner. The question that seemed to be missing was “Who would wear this?” and “Why?”  We’ve all been there following these trends. I mean isn’t that how the 80s were created?! Remember denim overall’s with the one button unsnapped. OH YEA, we looked good!  Half of the time trends are forced. They become ridiculous outfits that are supposed to be “in style” and wearable; however, no “real” person in their right mind would ever be caught wearing some of these so-called trends.

Some of this years hottest fall/winter looks have been declared: velvet, one-arm look, and lace. However, the best one I’ve seen yet happens to be wearing a sweatshirt with heels…really…seriously..come on!  Although velvet might be nice to touch, if it looks tacky on your couch it’s probably going to look tacky on you! Plus, since when is it stylish to start looking like Hugh Hefner? Count on this to be one look you might regret.  As for the one-arm look, when exactly do you wear this, spring or winter? If one arm is fully covered, isn’t the other one cold?  This is one piece that may be making the wrong statment!  Lace, although it’s a way to look classic on your wedding day, it’s not so hot for every day wear despite as awesome as it is to look like you’re wearing a doily or table cloth! I highly suggest keeping the lace jumpers and leggings in the stores. This has mistake written all over it. Last but not least, a sweatshirt with heels?!  It completely defeats the purpose of a sweatshirt! If I wanted to look stylish, I’d find a cute shirt to go with hot heels and if I want to bum it, I’m going to wear a sweatshirt with tennis shoes. Combining both worlds is not only unrealistic, but it’s just not right!

Not to be Debbie Downer, there are some great trends out there such as statement necklaces, skinny jeans, flat boots, and flannel button-ups.  My advice to bid you all farewell is…CHOOSE WISELY!  I’d hate for another decade to go by until we all realize…maybe that wasn’t the right look?!

Have you ever met anyone who’s just woken up for day and states “Today is the day I’m going to look like crap”?  Yeah…probably not! Most everyone wants to look their best whether that be in a jean and t-shirt or putting on heels and a dress. Clothes can change the way you feel for the day, and on days where you’re struggling, the last thing you want to worry about is looking in the mirror and feeling bad about yourself. So ladies and maybe a few men… I have come up with 4 ways to help you look your best without changing a thing!


  1. Wear your size! No one ever has to know your size besides you and possibly the cashier (which you’ll never see again anyhow, so who cares)!  The worst thing you can do for yourself is to try to fit into clothes that are a SMALLER SIZE. Even if you can squeeze into a size 8 that doesn’t mean you should! We’ve all done it, and this is the problem. Size means nothing. It’s how it actually fits you. That’s what should be important. Bulges aren’t cool no matter whether you’re an actual size 5 fitting into a 3 or a 14 fitting into a 10. When your skin is forced out the side of your back there is no way to justify the “coolness” of this look. You would think this would be a big enough sign to realize your pant is too small! Fitting in the right size leaves you looking thinner and also helps you look better!
  2. Accent your best feature! If you have at a tummy, but have awesome legs…show them off! If you have big calves wear bigger heels to give them more of an angle.  Have great boobs? Wear a v-neck! There are many ways to accent your best feature.  You just need to take time and decide what it is you like best about your body.
  3. Stripes are a love/hate relationship. When wearing horizontal stripes, be aware of the shape you’re giving yourself. They can widen your figure and make you like a zebra neither which is ideal. It’s best to stick to simple or subtle when dressing in stripes. Advice to remember; don’t pull a Jessica Simpson!
  4. Unless rapping is your forte, I suggest skipping out on the baggy clothes! When trying to hide your stomach, baggy clothes are not the solution. I’m here to bust this myth! Wearing baggy clothes are often outfits that were originally suppose to be fitted and instead are bought two sizes too big. This first gives you NO SHAPE and second leaves you more often than not looking BIGGER. An alternative to this look is buying a non-fitted shirt that still gives shape in your size. A great example of this would be peasant tops or loose fitted tanks.

These are all ways that can help someone who might not be completely satisfied with their figure or just ate too many pancakes for breakfast. Either way, if you can’t make it to the gym to drop a few pounds, just remember these 4 tips, and DON’T SWEAT IT, literally!

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